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The islanders need Walstrom to stand up and turn things around

November 15th, at 4-1 lose To the Tampa Bay Chargers, the 21-year-old forward Wolstrom only played 8 points and 33 points in ice hockey. Wolstrom’s lack of time on the ice surprised many people because he was not only one of the best scorers on the New York Islanders, but also a struggling offense with only 2.00 goals per game. Important section.

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Since the game against the Montreal Canadiens on November 4, Walstrom has not scored. The Islanders won 6-2 The drought may be part of the reason for his decline in the game. Likewise, inconsistency is nothing new to Walstrom, as he scored 8 goals and 5 assists in 16 games last season, and then scored no points in 10 games.

Brock Nelson will be absent for at least two weeks due to a lower extremity injury. (Amy Owen / Hockey writer)

However, this season, the 21-year-old forward ranked second in the team with 5 goals, only behind Brock Nelson, He will miss out due to lower limb injuries in the next few weeks. If the Islanders and offense are to reverse their season, winning only 5 of the first 15 games, they will need Walstrom to play an important role in turning the situation around and strengthen the offense on the offensive end.

Wolstrom’s skill set

Wolstrom is one of the most accurate shooters on the team, probably in the NHL as well. If he can find open ice, then accurate shots can especially give him an advantage in the offensive zone. Wolstrom is also best at finding space in the offensive zone through the scrimmage circle, allowing him to provide the Islanders with a strong hockey game to select goalkeepers. In addition, the 21-year-old forward is one of the best players on the team, he can create a lot of scoring opportunities on the wing, and may develop into a playmaker while attracting opponents and opening the ice for the remaining offense.

Which forward line is best for Walstrom?

Considering his skill set, the question is where Wahlstrom should play, especially when the Islanders line combination is shuffled every night, which is an unfortunate result. Losing key players like Nelson, Anders Lee and Josh Bailey. Wolstrom will not be a goal-setting organizer or skater, at least not for now. As one of the most promising forwards on the list, it is vital that coach Barry Trotz finds a suitable route for his young forward, as this will fully initiate the offense.

Anders Lee, New York IslanderAmy Owen / Hockey writer)

Ideally, Wolstrom would benefit the most from a center, who can occupy defenders and possibly open the ice in the offensive zone, especially the scrimmage circle, in order to make effective shots on the net.The skaters in the same class as Wahlstrom are usually Matthew Balzal And Jean-Gabriel Pego, but because Pego is struggling at the beginning of the season, it might be most beneficial to push the 21-year-old to the top line and give the Islanders a stronger scoring attack.

The islanders need young people in the forward force

The Pittsburgh Penguins’ roster was aging a few years ago, but the young Jack Gunzel Played a vital role in revitalizing the forward force and giving it young scoring capabilities. Similarly, a few years ago, the Boston Bruins were a declining team. Many players have passed their peak period, but David Pasternak has become a young top scorer, allowing the team to return to the NHL. One of the competitive teams.

David Pasternak, Boston Bruins
David Pasternak, Boston Bruins (Amy Owen / Hockey writer)

The Islanders have one of the oldest player roster in the NHL Average age 29.8 Early in the 2021-22 season, this list looked like one of the oldest in the NHL, especially in skating and ice hockey. Wolstrom can restore some of the firepower that the Islanders currently lack, but more importantly, bring a strong youth force to the forward line that the team currently needs.

Mike Fink joined The Hockey Writers in November 2020 and reports for the New York Islanders for The Hockey Writers, which has become a legal cup contender with Barry Trotz as the head coach. In addition to reporting on the islanders, Fink also writes for multiple sports blogs and platforms, covering NHL, NFL, MLB and college sports.

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