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The Golden Knights could give Nolan Patrick a chance to reach his potential

Vegas Golden Cavaliers forward, Nolan Patrick He may be sitting at his home in Vegas now, looking out the window at the busy Vegas Avenue in the distance. He probably wants to know where things are going. what happened? Will things change? For his career, this is undoubtedly a disappointing start. It’s very different from what it should be.

In June 2017, the Chicago United Center was very lively. NHL is about to welcome a group of young ice hockey players to join its reputation. Fans of the Philadelphia Flyers are particularly salivating. Luck gave them a bone.As it happens, there is only one flyer 2.4% chance Get the top two picks and find that the second pick is firmly in their hands. excellent.

The NHL Central Reconnaissance Bureau released their Final prospect ranking Draft of April 2017-two months ago. Brandon Wheat Kings center Patrick is considered the most promising player among many players, including Nico Hischier, Kyle Markal, Elias Pettersson and Nick Suzuki.

Many people were surprised when the Devils announced that they would draft Hischier in the finals. Flyers stared at the draft board and rubbed their eyes collectively. They looked again. is it possible? This is real. The Flyers organization, the fan group, the milkman and his wife, everyone in Philadelphia is triumphant. They will eventually have more talent as a center, and the Liberty Bell will soon ring, freeing the city from the long drought of the Stanley Cup. Or they think so. Faced with ridiculous odds, the team agreed that the first overall pick fell into their circle. But the party ends here.

Patrick’s tragic start

The first four years of Patrick’s career were not impressive. He currently has 201 NHL games with only 31 goals and 40 assists. It’s not exactly what you expect from the number one potential customer. Injuries have always plagued the Manitoba native because he has never really been able to make his “juice” flow or build momentum in his development.

Nolan Patrick, former Philadelphia trapeze (Amy Owen / Hockey writer)

If physical illnesses continue to plague players, how can he take the next step professionally? In fact, forgetting the “next step” is more like the “first step”. When the other young geniuses rushed out the door at full speed, Patrick had tied himself in a pretzel, his face buried. But his biggest derailment was not even a fracture or a torn ACL.No, the situation that keeps him absent the longest is Migraine. In his young career, this prevented him from participating in competitions for 17 consecutive months. In fact, he missed the entire 2019-20 season due to conditions. Talk about doom.

In July 2021, the Flyers, Nashville Predators and Golden Cavaliers pulled the trigger. Three-team deal Saw the unlucky center relocating to the Nevada desert. But does this work? Well, recently we have seen players benefit from the reorganization. For example, promising young wingers, Anthony DuclairThis has been a revelation since joining the Florida Panthers and jumping in the league like table tennis for several seasons. Things will definitely become interesting.

So, we have a promising player, but was relegated to a shadow, but it is possible to go out and cause serious damage in the new uniform? It sounds like we might need to convince Christopher Nolan to lend us his movie title “The Dark Knight Rises.”

Two years ago, Patrick stood on the stage at the United Center as the second pick, and a familiar face appeared in front of him. BB&T Center’s name Sunshine in Florida. He is also the second player to be selected for the same position: center. Any guesses? you bet. Your new superstar, Jack EichelSeeing a very successful contemporary man in a similar position to him might rekindle the fire in Patrick’s eyes. This can also be a catalyst for him to become a major NHL player, and possibly even a star.

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Other beneficial forces also play a role here. The general manager of Golden Knight, Kelly McLemonWhen Patrick lighted up the Western Hockey League (WHL) with the aforementioned King of Wheat, he scored 102 points in 72 games in the 2015-16 season, and he did it under McCrimon’s leadership. Reuniting with the former owner, general manager, and coach of the WHL hockey team can take the center to new heights.

Nolan Patrick Vegas Golden Knights
Nolan Patrick, Vegas Golden Cavaliers (Photo: Jeff Bottari/NHLI via Getty Images)

So, why does it all boil down? Patrick’s confidence must have been shaken. In fact, he never really had the opportunity to build it. There are three important elements here, which together can serve as a springboard for him to rise to unfamiliar heights: his new team, his relationship with McCrimon, and Eichel’s existence.

This is the fourth essential element: He needs to get a lot of playing time on the front line. The importance of this move is self-evident. Go forward, William Carlsson Will be the mainstay of the second-line center, and Chandler Stephenson will run the third line. Why not cheer for Patrick and let him play time with his talented teammates, Max Pacioretti (When he returns from injury) and Mark Stone? Let him keep the seat warm for Eichel. Let him proceed at his own pace and increase his confidence.

We know that thoughts succumb to emotions. A superstar NHL player does not simply think that he has become his star. He needs to feel these emotions and brand these experiences in his mind. He collects emotions from successful experiences. These experiences come from high-quality repetition. There is nothing more quality than playing between Pacioretty and Stone.

Putting Patrick at the forefront of the next few months, our movie title “The Dark Knight Rises” may be replaced with “The Birth of a Star”.

Let’s do this, Vegas.

Christian is from Vancouver, British Columbia. He is a trial contributor to the Vegas Golden Cavaliers. Christian completed his degree in history and education at the University of British Columbia. He is currently a high school history teacher. Christian spends his spare time watching, researching and writing articles about hockey.

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