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The Florida Panthers are about to acquire Sam Reinhardt from the Buffalo Sabres

According to reports, the Florida Panthers are acquiring Sam Reinhart from the Buffalo Sabres in exchange for goalkeeper prospect Devin Levy and next year’s first-round pick. Maybe there are more. If it drops, the Panthers will have 3 of the 4 top picks in 2014.

Bill Zito met with South Florida media on Saturday morning after the first round of the draft and said he could not talk about the Sam Reinhart and Buffalo Paparazzi trade reported by the Florida Panthers. Since the transaction call has not yet been completed, neither Zito nor Buffalo general manager Kevyn Adams will talk about it.

Therefore, after saying “it is inappropriate to talk about such things now”, Zito was asked to trade again.

“Anything else?” Zito said. “Anything about the draft or McGee?”

Oh, by the way, draft.

The Panthers chose 24th — well, 23rd after Arizona’s initial first-round pick was vacated — the draft continued until Friday night.

The Panthers selected winger Mackie Samoskevich (Mackie Samoskevich), the talented forward who helped his Chicago Steel team win the USHL championship and will join the supposedly powerful Michigan team in the fall.

“He is the player we have been looking for for a long time,” Zito said, diverting his oppressors. “He is the person our scouts look forward to, whether as a player or as an individual. He has the advantage to play and can generate offense and courage. He is the kind of energetic winger that all teams dream of. We are very happy to be able to. Own him.”

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