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The flame rookie camp is the key to keeping the roster dream

I don’t think any young person invited to the Calgary Fire rookie camp will have much chance to break the list of major clubs this season, as far as the current situation is concerned. This is not an indictment of the club’s prospect pool, nor does it imply that this year’s rookie camp is not important. It’s just that the recent NHL seniors signed a one-year contract (the club did the same last year), and probably closed the door to the prospects and rookies that I think can become the team.

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Last month, I went out stupidly and said five prospects for the Calgary Fire. I think it is reasonable for them to wear Flaming C this season. Among them are rookie Jakob Pelletier at center (I say a long shot) and Johannes Kinnvall at right back.

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In another recent article, I told readers that Connor Zary is a young gunman and he will never be part of the trading plan—that is, he is unshakable, at least for now so. Not only that, as early as May, I said that Emilio Patterson was worth watching in the last few meaningless games with the Flames last season, when they were no longer in the playoffs. Although I did not expect that both of these people will be on the roster this season, I hinted that this is a possibility.

Fire rookie Conor Zary as a junior in the Kamloops Trail Blazers (Alan Douglas)

Nevertheless, even if we are unlikely to see any of this year’s rookies skating in Calgary, the rookie camp still deserves close attention.

Why the 2021 Calgary Fire rookie camp is important

Every rookie camp is an opportunity for young people to show their potential before returning to the minors or youth leagues.Not only that, if their rookie camp is good enough, some people may Invited to participate in the main camp of the Calgary Flames starting next Wednesday.

For the 2021 draft pick, there are five out of eight people in the training camp this year. A successful training camp can reassure the team management that they have made the right choice. The new draft will be closely watched to confirm that the scout team has completed the work.

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The rookie training camp is an opportunity for young players to change their minds and establish a brand. This may be important because trades and injuries always open roster opportunities for rookies and established prospects. Bad training camps have allowed young players to withdraw from the competition.

Flame rookie considers long shots to enter the roster

I previously predicted that the promising Adam Ruzicka and Glenn Gawdin could stand out from the center list, but given the acquisition of Sutter center Trevor this summer · Trevor Lewis and Brad Richardson and other aging war horses, this is no longer guaranteed. Even so, trades and injuries may mean that Zary has a chance to make the list.

The Calgary Fire recently signed Brad Richardson, Michael Stone and Eric Goodbranson
Calgary Fire, Brad Richardson, Michael Stone, Eric Goodbranson (hockey writer)

In a game against the rookie team of the Edmonton Oilers on Saturday night, According to reports, Zari is a factor In every shift. He fought alongside Dmitry Zavgorodniy and Martin Pospisil.

Pelletier was also very eye-catching in the game. He played an important role in a bicycle race. In the game, he used a beautiful pass to feed Walter Duehr (Walter Duehr), which was Calgary’s first place. A goal laid the foundation. By the way, after scoring two points in the game, Stockton Heat’s Duer will undoubtedly promote himself to the list of prospects that the Flames management pays attention to.

However, like Zari, Pelletier is likely to need injuries and trades to position himself. Even so, he still needs to beat veteran players like Brad Richardson to get the position of center forward.

Calgary Fire Jakob Pelletier Draft
On Friday, June 21, 2019, in the first round of the NHL draft at the Rogers Arena in Vancouver, the Calgary Flames selected Jacob Pelletier. (Canadian Media/Jonathan Hayward)

Some authorities speculate that Dustin Wolfe may replace Adam Werner as the Fire’s third goalkeeper this season. Based on what management thought of him in the three games against the Oilers last season in Stockton and last night, it is possible.

The question is why the Flames want to relegate him to the No. 3 position instead of giving him a fixed playing time in Stockton, especially considering they hope he will become the team’s number one in the future.Even so, it looks like Sartre will ride Starting goalkeeper Jacob Makstrom It’s difficult, they need a third hockey plug to let him rest when needed.

Rookie Fire defenders to watch — Kinnvall and Yan Kuznetzov

Considering the consumption of the Flames on that side of the rink earlier this summer, I predict Kinnvall will have a chance to defend on the right. The recent signing of a veteran has solved this problem and may have eliminated any management expectation to see the young Swede become a big club this season.

Birthday boy Johannes Kinnvall (Johannes Kinnvall) turns 24 in July

Nevertheless, this season will still be his first game in North America, and he will be closely watched to see if he can play Swedish Hockey League. The smooth hockey job he set for Pospisil in the Fire’s third goal last night was a good indicator that he should be able to make the transition.

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Flames management also hopes to take a closer look at Yan Kuznetsov to confirm the enthusiastic assessment of the 6-foot-4 and 215-pound guard who arrived in Stowe at the end of last season after his final year at the NCAA University of Connecticut. Kerton.

NHL rookie camp is still important

In the best hockey league in the world, it is not uncommon for teams to send all rookies back to the junior, farm system or other leagues for further training after the rookie training camp. The road to the NHL is difficult, and few rookies can succeed in their first camp. However, this did not make them less important. A good rookie training camp is a stepping stone to the NHL, and every rookie knows this.

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