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Here are some interesting, although older, data mining Stalker From Professional Golf Association with LPGA travel….

(Please note that these are averages)

My conclusion is that slower club speeds generally always hit the ball at a lower peak height compared to players with higher club speeds. My findings using TrackMan over the years have also shown that slower players usually need to provide more loft when hitting the ball, they need less shaft tilt, and they need less shots than faster players. ball.

  • Under the condition of eliminating any rolling, the average PGA Tour The player will hit the driver and the driver for 500 yards; the driver and the 7 iron for 441 yards; and a driver and a PW for 405 yards.

  • Under the condition of eliminating any rolling, the average LPGA Tour The player will hit 405 yards on the driver and the 5 driver; 361 yards on the driver and 7 iron; and 327 yards with a driver and a PW.

I’m not sure about your situation, but these are some huge differences. I have taken too many courses and the ladies tee is too far back! I find that in general, the golf courses played by men and women are too long for them. An interesting exercise is to multiply the distance you carry the 5 iron by 36-this is the maximum length of golf you should play.

This shows that golfers with higher speeds are more likely to find the difference in distance between each club. It is surprising how many women say that all their irons hit the same distance! You don’t, and it’s usually difficult to determine how big the difference is. As the overall speed of the clubs slows, ideally, players should carry fewer clubs in order to be able to create differences between clubs and reduce overlap.

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