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The Erie Otter roster begins to take shape

The Erie Otters had a good start in the preseason. Three victories in three attempts will do just that. At the Yili Insurance Arena on Saturday night, they often contacted early and rode the wind and waves to victory.

Emmett Sproule scored only 1 point and 43 points in the game. Cameron Lowe and Noah Sedore added goals in the first quarter before Lowe and Kaleb Smith took over in the second quarter On the way to a 7-4 victoryThe story of this game is the performance of Lowe, Smith and the other young players on the roster.

Young players shine

Entering this preseason, the general idea is that young players will have some chances to enter this list. Smith and Lowe are undoubtedly working hard to break this opening night list.

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So far, every player has participated in three preseason games. Smith had three goals and an assistant, while Lowe had two goals. Luo talked about his opportunities and what was useful to him after the game.

“I think I played well in the past two games,” Lowe said. “I’m trying to gain more confidence here with these guys. I just want to play my game well.”

Coach Chris Harzberg admitted that the performance of the young players was excellent. This includes their top two picks in the past draft, namely Kyrie Terence and Theo Atticuk.

“Young people have always been good. They are getting better every day,” Harzberg said. “I think this is what we need. I think Kaleb Smith is doing well here. Cameron Lowe has gotten better. Taeo Artichuk and Carey Terrance The same is true for players who are used to the league and feel better with the pace of the game.”

Roster status

When it comes to final decisions and roster cuts, the young guys fighting for position will make it difficult for the Otters.Having said that, let’s take a look at the status of the list and who we think is safe and who is related to sweat Two preseason games left Early October. These will be arranged in numerical order.


  • 6) Taeo Artichuk: Artichuk hasn’t entered the scoring table yet, but he has been eye-catching in three games. The speed can be imagined. He is learning to adapt to the new alliance and the speed it brings. He seems to be ready to enter this list and start from the bottom six.
  • 10) Carey Terrance: He is the center of your ultimate otter future. He has the ability to become the dominant force in the mid lane under the leadership of skating. He can start in the middle of the bottom six.
  • 11) Dylan Edwards: He impressed the Otters in the camp because he got this opportunity. In the past preference selection, the eighth round selection had an assist in all three games. He will have more opportunities to impress people, but at this point, he is looking outside.
  • 13) Elias Cohen: Cohen will be relied on to take the next step for the Otters. He is safe. He led 2-3-5 in three games. In the past two games, he played on the right side of the third line.
  • 17) Daniel D’Amato: The Otter team will look forward to D’Amato’s stable and experienced leadership skills. He is the locker of the team.
  • 20) Kaleb Smith: As we mentioned above, he is very impressive and is talking about the last position. These two Michigan games may go a long way for him. But with the end of the preseason, he is a person to watch.
  • 23) Lucas Ross: Ross is one of the candidates for breakthrough. On Saturday night, he played on the left side of the top line next to Noah Sedor. Otter hopes that he can realize his offensive potential.
  • 44) Brendan Sellan: On Saturday night, Sellan is another member of Sedore and Ross, and he is expected to make a significant contribution this season. So far, he looks good.
  • 71) Colby Saganiuk: Saganiuk is in the Maple Leafs camp, but when he comes back, something big will happen. If he plays with Connor Lockhart this season, I wouldn’t be surprised. That might be an interesting route.
  • 73) Connor Lockhart: Lockhart is at the Canucks camp, he will be one of the team leaders, taking the next step for the Otters on and under the ice.
  • 74) Noah Sedore: Sedore led the Otters with 8 points in this preseason. He will be one of the four centers on the opening night.
  • 86) Cameron Lowe: Like Smith, Lowe left a deep impression and was in a bubble. These two games can determine who succeeds and who does not.
  • 89) Brett Bressette: Bressette seems to be locked to the left of the middle six. He has scored and assisted in both appearances in the preseason.
  • 91) Brendan Hoffmann: Hoffman’s route with D’Amato and Sellan will be relied on by Hartsburg to close the opposition’s best route. They are ready to meet the challenge.
  • 93) Emmett Sproule: Sproule appeared in all three preseason games and scored two goals at the same time. His veteran presence will help young players adapt to OHL.

My projection line

  • Ross Lockhart-Sugnyuk
  • Damato-Hoffman-Saran
  • Sproule-Sedore-Cohen
  • Bressette-Terrance-Artichuk
  • Additional: Law, Smith
Chris Hartzberg, OHL, Erie Otter
Chris Hartzberg and the Otters need to make some decisions with two games left in the preseason. (Photo by Terry Wilson/OHL)


  • 3) Ryan Thompson: Thompson played with Spencer Sova on Saturday night. This may be a preview for the opening night.
  • 5) Nathan Sauder: For me, this is the sixth D role between Sauder and Owain Johnston. They play together on Saturday night. If I have a choice, I think Johnston’s preseason will be better, but there are two more games to solve this problem.
  • 7) Owain Johnston: See Sauder and Nathan.
  • 14) George Alboim: We will receive news from Alboim in the future because he has the tools to be an effective defender at this level. But for now, I haven’t seen him attend the opening night.
  • 15) Christian Kyrou: He has firmly occupied the roster on the opening night and is expected to make a big leap this season.
  • 22) Spencer Sova: Don’t blink, otherwise you may miss him who slipped by. He is locked as the team’s top defensive player.
  • 53) Cameron Morton: Morton is locked and ready to take the next step as a contributor on both ends of the ice.
  • 88) Artyom Kulakov: Kulakov appeared in all three games and was as stable as expected. He will start on opening night.

My expected match

  • Owl Thompson
  • Kulakov-Kiru
  • Morton-Johnston


Aidan Campbell is expected to start on opening night. His heir Nolan Lalonde (Nolan Lalonde) will play the second role at the start of the season. Larond played the entire game against Flint on Thursday and conceded two goals. The Otters have confidence in him, especially in the back-to-back situation, he will get some starts.

Note: The excess rule remains unchanged. Only three people can play, which will affect the lineup.

What’s the next step?

The Otters will end the preseason on October 1st in Saginaw and Flint on October 1st and October 2nd. Then exactly a week later, the Otters will start the regular season with four games in Michigan. They played against Flint on October 9th and October 14th, and then against Saginaw on October 16th and 17th.

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