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The England team was defeated by Hungary 1-1 in the match against crowd violence

On Tuesday, England drew 1-1 with Hungary at Wembley Stadium, taking another step towards the 2022 World Cup qualifiers, but now there are two games left, leading by 3 points in the first group of points.

After the game started, Hungarian fans and police officers wielding batons fought in the stands. As the visiting supporters forced the butler and the police back into the tunnel, the riot police entered the battle.

After the game opened, Hungarian fans and police officers wielding batons had an argument in the stands. -AP

On the court, England defender Luke Shaw grabbed the bent Loci Nego’s head while trying to make a clearance.

England equalized in the 37th minute, Phil Foden’s free kick was thrown away by Tyrone Mins and the ball was pushed in from close range by John Stones.

“You can say it’s bad because we tied the game, but we dominated. Stupid free throws gave in, but we were back in the game and couldn’t get that deadly touch,” England midfielder Dirk Lan Rice said.

“Sometimes you have to give credit to the opposition. Hungary is much better than when we played away games.”

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England are full of offensive talents, but failed to impose themselves on the team that they defeated 4-0 in Budapest last month, and they barely created more opportunities in the game against the visiting team.

As a result, England led Poland by 20 points. In another game, Poland defeated Albania 1-0 (15 points).

In the remaining games against Albania and San Marino next month, England is still the favorite team to win the championship, but after coach Gareth Southgate described a disappointing performance, the England team has left. Do your own work.

“Hungary, I owe it all to them. I think they have brought us tactical problems. We have no mobility and I think we are not at the level we need,” he said.

“We will leave and think about the balance of the team a little bit, but I think we can also do better personally.

“We made a lot of simple mistakes on the ball. I think from the beginning our game was not sharp, we lost the ball and we are going beyond everything.

“So I just think we are under it. This is the first time in a long time, but we have to raise our hands.”

Hungary ranked fourth with 11 points. It takes a miracle to have a chance to win the second place and playoff spot, but it still celebrates Tuesday’s points like winning the World Cup.

Results-European World Cup Qualifiers

1. Ukraine 1-1 Bosnia and Herzegovina

2. Kosovo 1-2 Georgia

3.Lithuania 0-2 Switzerland

4. Sweden 2-0 Greece

5. Serbia 3-1 Azerbaijan

6.Faroe Islands 0-1 Scotland

7. Israel 2-1 Moldova

8.Albania 0-1 Poland

9. England 1-1 Hungary

10.Denmark 1-0 Austria

11.Bulgaria 2-1 Northern Ireland

12. San Marino 0-3 Andorra

13. Portugal 5-0 Luxembourg

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