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The Dubai Cricket Commission proposes to host India-Pakistan matches in the future

this Chairman of Dubai Cricket Committee (DDC) Abdul Rahman Falaknaz Expressed his desire to host India-Pakistan bilateral series in the future.Bilateral series India with Pakistan Suspended due to political tensions between two neighboring countries. These two main competitors only compete against each other in global or continental competitions.

The best way is to play India-Pakistan games here. When Sharjah hosted India and Pakistan many years ago, it was like a war.But this is a wonderful war, this is a sports war, it’s great,” Khaleej Times quoted Faraknaz as saying.

Falaknaz also recalled the awards night of the late Bollywood actor Raj Kapoor in Dubai and expressed his delight in hosting the Indian and Pakistani cricket matches. He hopes that cricket will help bring the two countries closer together.

I remember Raj Kapoor and his family visited once. On the night of the awards, he picked up the microphone and said,’How wonderful it is to have these India-Pakistan battles in Sharjah.Cricket brings people together, cricket brings us together and keeps us in this state,” He said.

So, this is what we want to do.If we can persuade India to come here to play against Pakistan once or twice a year, that would be great. “

The head of DDC also invited BCCI to organize more IPL competitions in Dubai and said that the UAE has successfully hosted leagues in the past. He is now looking forward to hosting the India-Pakistan competition in Dubai and will try to convince his friends at BCCI.

I am very proud because the entire UAE, especially Dubai, has the best of everything. Of course, the T20 World Cup is also a sign of good organization. I want to say that we are lucky to be an alternative to India. I look forward to hosting more India-Pakistan competitions in Dubai. I will try to convince my friends at BCCI.If they are ready to play against Pakistan, we will be very happy to provide a venue,” Falaknaz added.

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