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The Devil’s third jersey has mixed reactions from fans, but the players love it

On Tuesday, the New Jersey Devils officially unveiled their first and third jersey. Fans have mixed reviews for it, because the series chose a simple design that may be unexpected. Fans believe that the overall design lacks creativity and is a missed opportunity for the organization.

Regardless of the position of the fans, this jersey will be worn by the team 13 times this season. The Devils will wear their latest jerseys against the Philadelphia Flyers on December 8, 2021. The final game will end on April 29, 2021, when their regular season will play against the Detroit Red Wings.

Devil fans finally got their black jerseys

According to fans on social media, the best part of the latest Devils jersey is the color. Over the years, fans have been asking for a black jersey, and the team did it in this regard. Forwards and defenders will wear black gloves to give the overall look more cohesiveness, while the black uniform will contrast sharply with the contrasting white goalkeeper pad.

New Jersey has a new jersey. For many years, Martin Brodeur designed it after hearing fans call for an all-black look.How it formed, why it happened, and look at the current landscape of NHL alternate threads

“After seeing the retro and reverse traditional jerseys, black is clearly the best and only choice for the latest jerseys,” said long-time Devil fan Matt Kaplan. “You now have a jersey that represents the devilish colors of the past and the present.”

Brodeur’s creative input changed the minds of fans

Interestingly, once it was announced that Martin Brodeur played an important role in design, how many fans changed their views on design. Starting from the tie on the neck, the Hall of Fame members nodded multiple times, similar to the net on the goal. He proudly explained the history behind this concept that took three years to create.

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Broder said in a statement: “The organization has been wearing the same jersey for nearly 40 years and is able to bring our fans a third jersey, which will leave a great mark.” “The new sweater Inspired by the history of Garden State hockey that fans may not be familiar with, and incorporates the design elements of the success of the Devil Championship. This is a jersey that our alumni envy, and they hope they can play in their time. People across the state and country We all call us “Jersey.” This is our place, our home, and this jersey represents that.” (From “Hall of Fame goalkeeper Martin Broad designing the Devil’s first spare jersey” “, Sports meeting, 11/23/21)

A simple logo and design

In the press release, Broad recalled that while playing for the Devils, his friends and family began to call the state Jersey instead of New Jersey. Personally, I don’t know anyone who was born in Garden State and said they live in New Jersey, which is always Jersey. Although it seems that every online fan has a negative view of the new look, not every Devil fan dislikes alternate jerseys.

“I really like the jerseys and the fact that they pay tribute to the Newark Bulldogs,” said fan Tom Say. “The logo is great; this is us-Jersey. It is clean and simple. When we wear red and green, we already have gorgeous jerseys. If they pay tribute to the old jerseys, they will look similar to the original Chicago Six teams.”

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Speaking of Chicago, when the jersey was released, one of the biggest complaints from fans was the stripes, saying that it was similar to one of the Black Hawks’ winter classic jerseys. The press release explained that the stripes represent all 21 counties in New Jersey, and there are five stripes on the left shoulder, which are a tribute to the five players who were retired by the organization. Simple details including stripes and logos illustrate the history of New Jersey and the Devils hockey team.

Devil player reaction

Unlike the reaction of the fans, the players seem to be excited about the overall design and appearance of their latest jerseys. Fans seem to agree that once they see a jersey on a player, it will look better.Demon striker Doggy Hamilton Tell the media that when he sees the complete look, he likes this jersey.

“Just when I saw it, I liked it very much. When we saw their full outfit with gloves, pants and socks, I thought it looked very good.” Hamilton says“We are all happy to wear them, I think it will look cool.”

Both defenders PK subclass Echoes Hamilton’s idea of ​​the new appearance.

“I think people know that I am an open-minded person. I think this is great,” Suban said. “Adidas is one of my partners. When I went to Portland last summer, they showed me some of the team’s third jersey options. I’m very excited. New Jersey has so much history and so much culture. I think they did a very good job on the jersey.”

It is impossible to please everyone. The Devil’s backup jersey is a good example. The jersey pays homage to New Jersey’s hockey history, including the Newark Bulldogs, River Vale Skeeters and Jersey Larks. Although the design is aesthetically simple, it is full of meaning and dedicated to the history of hockey in New Jersey. Leave a comment below and talk about your thoughts on the first and third jersey ever worn by the Devils.

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