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The Colorado Avalanche has 3 good goalkeepers to play in the playoffs

At the risk of repeating the same mistakes, Colorado Avalanche Organizations have a goal problem.The team ranks 26th in the NHL in save percentage (0.894 SV%), and their main additions this offseason are Darcy Cooper Been struggling to meet expectations (0.908 SV%). While backup net manager Pavel Francuz has recently returned from a long-term injury, he’s 31 and has only played 38 games since the start of the 2019-20 season.The ultimate cap problem Nathan McKinnon is about to renew his contract Meaning the Avalanche is aiming to win the Stanley Cup over the next two seasons, lest their roster be stripped of much-needed depth. With an eye toward the future and the present, the Avalanche has three trade goals to consider as it seeks the elusive title.

Linus Ulmark, Boston Bruins

Short departure at Tuukka Rask Boston Bruins To recover from offseason surgery and consider his NHL future, the team signed the 28-year-old Linus Ulmark From the Buffalo Sabres as insurance. Although they intend to have the Swedish network manager take over as the starter, he shares the network with the highly regarded Jeremy Swayman, who has only made 15 appearances so far this season.

In 26 NHL games between 9 games against the Bruins’ American Hockey League (AHL) affiliate (0.933 save percentage), Swieman’s SV% is 0.928 this season 0.918. He excelled in the Bears’ goalie timeshare with Ullmark, ranking 13th in goals per 60 minutes (GSAx/60) among goaltenders who have played at least 10 games this season. While still tied to his entry-level contract (ELC), the rookie network manager offers great value relative to his price point.

The rapid development of Swayman plus Lasker is coming back It means that there is a sudden goal stalemate in Boston. That doesn’t mean Ulmark is suddenly a weak goalie, however, as he’s been a solid option since entering the league in 2015-16. However, his performances over the past three seasons better reflect his current level, and it’s a convincing combination.

Linus Ulmark, Boston Bruins (Amy Owen /hockey writer)

Among goalkeepers who have played at least 1,000 minutes since the 2019-20 season, Ullmark SV% ranked 18th (0.916) and 15th in goals above average (GSAA), counting goals prevented by goalkeepers compared to the league average. He spent most of his career with the woeful Sabres, proving his ability to thrive behind a team desperate to keep the puck in the opponent’s defensive zone.

Uncertainty about Lasker’s health and Swayman’s inexperience mean that a trade for Ulmark could expose the Bruins to injury. However, they have struggled to catch up with their recent regular-season performance and are currently outside their familiar position in the top three in the Atlantic Division.Therefore, trading Ullmark can help them recoup the assets they need to enhance their depth because Boston’s offseason acquisitions haven’t worked as expected.

Ulmark is owed $5 million each season until the 2024-25 season ends. His contract provides valuable cost certainty in what will be a difficult cap environment to navigate once McKinnon is eligible for an extension. The Avalanche could be worse than promising a goalie who is still in his prime and boasting solid results behind underdog teams. Would the Bears be willing to give up Ullmark after less than a season?

Anthony Stolaz, Anaheim Ducks

This Anaheim Ducks is one of The biggest surprises of the 2021-22 season, an important factor in their success is the performance of the backup goalkeeper Anthony Carpenter. The 27-year-old net manager is 6-3-1 in 11 games and his .931 SV% is tied for third in the NHL (with at least 10 games played) behind only Jack Campbell and Igor Shesterkin (The SV for both is 0.936 %) Better. During his brief 45-game NHL career, which was partly spent with the Philadelphia Flyers and Edmonton Oilers, Stolaz had an SV% of 0.918, suggesting he could be a reliable player in the right circumstances. the tandem selection.

Anthony Stolaz Anaheim Ducks
Anthony Stolarz, Anaheim Ducks (Keith Gillett/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images),

His career curve is similar to Chris Drigger of the Seattle Sea Monster, despite a much cheaper contract, he outperformed Sergei Bobrovsky in Florida and was claimed by Kraken in their expansion draft. Relying on goalie performance in a relatively small sample of games is always a risk, but Stolarz has almost no commitment cap ($950,000 this year and next), which balances the scale in terms of risk and reward. If nothing else, he can spell Kumper when injured or underperforming.

One thing holding back a trade is the Ducks’ success early in the season, with the California-based team finishing second in the Pacific Division midseason. Still, since their hot start (winning just 4 of their last 10), they’ve calmed down, and with more games to play, they’re narrowly ahead of the San Jose Sharks and Edmunds The Oilers. It’s not unthinkable that Anaheim is out of the game entirely, meaning several players could accidentally bump into the trade block.

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Now, Stolaz has less than $1 million left on his contract for a year, which means the Ducks are unlikely to be willing to let go of such a cost-effective option.However, Anaheim Up-and-coming goalkeeper, Lucas Dostal, pickled in the minors, and he could step up to replace Stolaz as John Gibson’s backup.

Braden Holtby, Dallas Stars

Braden Holtby appear in my Avalanche Trade Target List Earlier this season, he Dallas Star‘ Since then, the web has done little to discredit him in the original article. At the time, Ben Bishop’s future was still in limbo, and Anton Khudobin teamed up with Holtby and rookie Jake Oettinger to form a dizzying goalie carousel in the Dallas Fold. From then onwards, Bishop has actually retired from the NHL, and Hu Dobin is buried in AHL, making the last two network administrators the last ones standing.

Through 17 games this season, Holtby has a 6-8-1 record, overshadowing his otherwise stellar 0.920 SV% (13th among goalkeepers in 10 games), the same low for two consecutive seasons. The 0.900 SV% is a far cry from his previous release. In terms of GSAx, he also had similar ratings and didn’t cost the star team anything in the standings. He could be a welcome presence of calm for an Avalanche club accustomed to turbulence in their goal plan. He’s relatively cheap ($2 million) and he’s a free agent after the season, meaning he could be a useful short-term option with whom Avalanche could easily sever if things worsen.

Braden Holtby, Dallas Stars
Braden Holtby, Dallas Stars (Keith Gillett/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

I also noticed that Dallas’ playoff position greatly affected Holtby’s usability, and this is still the case. The star team trailed by three points in the second wild card position in the Western Conference, and the other three teams occupied the space between them and the playoffs. Their playoff hopes have not completely extinguished, but the end of the season may come soon.If Dallas finds itself on the perimeter, the team may seek to reverse the situation To the promising Ottinger. Despite only playing 11 games this season, the young network administrator has amassed a 16th GSAx and ranks 9th in field goal percentage per 60 minutes, ahead of veterans like Connor Hellebuyck and Jacob Markstrom .

Holtby has done a good job of reinventing himself after a failed career in Vancouver, where he could provide a solid veteran presence with a Stanley Cup aura to guide the Avalanche’s young stars. journey. If nothing else, he allows the team to avoid calling a potential Justus Annunen if Kuemper or Francouz are injured, a reasonable bet given their history. So, is the 2021-22 version of Holtby a mirage, or has the seasoned network administrator left some magic in his majestic locks?

Will the goalie continue to be Colorado’s Achilles heel?

Colorado’s three consecutive playoff second-round exits have taken a toll on the team’s psyche, and a lack of goalkeeping has been a key factor in the past two series losses. The Avalanche clearly has the talent to go further (first in scoring percentage since the 2019-20 season), but they need to find the final piece of the puzzle to reach their massive potential. General manager Joe Sakic has triggered multiple moves involving goalkeepers in recent seasons in an attempt to address this underlying problem; how many bullets does he have left in the room?

data by Hockey Reference, money parker, and Natural Statistics Skills.

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