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The Chief Executive Officer of the Afghanistan Cricket Committee goes to Australia for a cricket match-don’t isolate us

The Afghan Cricket Board (ACB) Chief Executive Hamid Shinwari asked the Australian Cricket Team (CA) on Friday to reconsider its decision not to host the men’s team for testing in November, saying the move is only Will isolate Afghanistan.

Soon after the formation of the interim government, the Taliban banned women from participating in cricket or any other sports, which raised doubts about the testing status of the Afghan men’s team. According to ICC rules, all test countries must also have a women’s team.

CA stated on Thursday that if the Taliban does not allow women to participate in sports, its opening test for Afghanistan, which is scheduled to begin in Hobart on November 27, will be cancelled.

‘Shocked and disappointed’

In a statement, ACB CEO Hamid Shinwari expressed “shock and great disappointment” over the possible cancellation of the test match.

The ACB CEO stated that there is another option besides canceling this “important, history-making test match.” However, ACB did not provide any such alternatives, but stated that it was “incapable of changing the cultural and religious environment in Afghanistan”.

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“We ask cricket Australia and the entire cricket world to open their doors for us, walk with us, not isolate us, and avoid punishing us for our cultural and religious environment,” Shinwari said.

“We accept that CA considers cricket as a sport for everyone, and we clearly support women’s competitions at all levels.

“We also understand that if the recent media reports that Afghanistan does not support women’s cricket are confirmed, CA may think that they have no choice but to refuse to host scheduled test matches,” he said.

Shinwari is worried that if other countries follow CA, Afghanistan may be alienated from the cricket world, and the sport may no longer exist in the country.

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“If CA decides to cancel the test match and isolate the Afghan men’s national team, it will not have an impact on these cultural and religious values. A government spokesperson has made this clear,” he said.

It stated that the Taliban’s order for women’s participation in cricket is not fundamentally different from the ACB’s cultural and religious environment during the early government period. He also brought the International Cricket Committee into the picture.

“ICC has always understood our cultural and religious environment, and has adopted a balanced, diplomatic, sensitive and considerate approach. Although we face various situations, we are still committed to developing all aspects of our cricket game.

“We believe that the International Criminal Court has the foresight and recognizes and accepts that we have been doing our utmost to develop cricket in our country’s traditional culture, religion and changing political environment (sic).

“The alternative to canceling test matches is for CA to take the same approach as ICC. Well-thought-out, balanced, and cricket diplomacy is more effective for Afghanistan and cricket than sudden knee-jerk reactions,” he added. .

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