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The Chicago Blackhawks need Kirby Dach to show more

this Chicago Blackhawks In a good place. They have won five of the past six games and have maintained a 6-10-2 record. You know the sentence, “It needs a village?” Well, this is the description of the Blackhawks during this period. Winning a game in the NHL is very difficult, and victory comes down to the team’s hard work. Everyone gets involved in some way to help ensure victory.

It is difficult to point out the shortcomings when a team is on the base continuously. Therefore, if there are things to stand out, it is not for the reason you want them to appear. Kirby Dach A player who fits this description. Although his performance is sufficient for the Blackhawks to win, his performance needs to be further improved. Here are some observations.

Dach’s playing style

To recap, Dach was selected with the third overall pick in the 2019 NHL draft. At 6 feet 4 inches tall and weighing 197 pounds, the Black Hawks see him as a man who can lead the next generation of the Eagles center. The combination of his size and skill gives the team a different view of a player who may replace Jonathan Toews as the number one center forward in the next few years. He is in his third season with the Blackhawks, and his tenure has been bumpy. Due to the postponement of the 2019-20 season due to the COVID-19 pandemic, breaking his wrist at the World Youth Championship resulted in him playing only 18 games last season. This was his true first full season.

Kirby Dach Chicago Blackhawks
Kirby Dach, Chicago Blackhawks (Jess Starr/Hockey writer)

Dach’s playing style in the Blackhawks can be described by an organizer. He likes to dribble and is considered a “pass first” type of player. He wants to play an active role in proactive and play the role of a bumper in the first powerful game unit. He is also proud of being a pre-tennis player, which is very suitable for him because of his size. He can cover the opponent’s goalkeeper, and he can also try to supply or redirect. Colin Prisner, president and general manager of the Saskatoon Blades of the Western Hockey League, summarized the game between Dach and his brother Colton in an interview with The Athletic.

Colton always wanted to complete and have an absolute shot cannon. I think he will definitely become our 40-50 target next year. Kirby is the guy with 30 goals, he will give you 70 assists or whatever. In terms of goals and assists, Colton may be more like a 50-50 player. Different players.

From “How the success of the brothers Kirby and Colton Dach in hockey was driven by competition and the competition of caring brothers” – The AthleticNHL – 06/01/2021

Kirby played for the Blades from 2017 to 2019.Colton, another Blade team alumnus, is also a potential player for the Blackhawks. He was recently selected The second round of the 2021 NHL Draft.

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You can always judge the signs of the organizers by their assists. If their number of assists far exceeds their number of goals, then this is the best indicator. Dach’s career statistics are 13 goals, 28 assists and 41 points in 100 games. This season, he has scored 3 goals, 5 assists and 8 points in 18 games. So, I want to say that this sentence firmly grasped the organizational aspects of his game.

Lack of a third overall selection role

Because Dach was selected as the third overall pick in the draft, people have high hopes. Mainly because since Kane and Toys were drafted in 2006 and 2007, the Blackhawks have not had a top three pick. Other prominent third picks in the league include Matt Duchene (Nashville Predators), Jonathan Huberdo (Florida Panthers), Leon Dressett (Edmonton Oilers) , And Chicago’s own Toews.

All these players are all-star players. Currently, Dach is not suitable for the All-Star mode because production is not there. When someone is selected as a center forward, you want to see two things: winning the faceoff and scoring goals. Now, he has very little output for both. Dach’s professional face-off rate (FO%) is 35%. In 18 games this season, his FO% is 30.9%. As mentioned earlier, 13 goals in 100 professional games will not cut it.

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Currently, he is the first-line center between Patrick Kane and Alex De Brinkart. Because he plays next to two elite players, you will want to see more. Especially playing with Kane, because he is known for improving the performance of his teammates. However, Dach did not improve much. He has stripes. He can sometimes make excellent assists or redirects, but the goal does not exist. In general, it is difficult for the Blackhawks to score. They averaged 2.17 goals per game, which is where you want to see the third pick shine. He got a lot of scoring opportunities, but unfortunately, they rarely score after the Nets.according to Natural Statistics Skills, This season he has 28 scoring opportunities and 16 high-crisis meetings, but only translated into 3 goals.

In addition, his 30.9% faceoff win rate is the lowest in the Blackhawks center group. This is unsustainable for first-line centers. He should replace Toews, but we have yet to see his ability to handle the ball and attack.

Future potential

I want to clarify that Dach is very talented and can do small things well. There is still potential. He did some beautiful games, so that players like Deblink Carter ended up with goals. The problem is that skills are not consistently demonstrated on a per game basis. So far, I think he has not achieved the expected results. He is only 20 years old and there are many hockey balls in front of him, but he has to start showing more.

Especially because it looks like head coach Derek King will make him the team’s first-line center for the foreseeable future.He must start to prove that he has the potential to lead this team in the next 10-15 years Just like the Blackhawks’ visionNo one knows this better than Dach himself. He admitted that he knew he had to score more. (Kobe Dach from the “Black Hawks” knows that he needs more points to become a true No. 1 center. This is how he will do it’-The AthleticNHL-April 15, 2021).

Dach seems to be a good person with good professional ethics and attitude, so it is easy to cheer for such a player. The good news is that there are 64 games left, which is enough time for him to become famous this season.

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