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The Canucks penalty kills and defense rejuvenated under the leadership of Scott Walker

Just a few days ago, the Vancouver Canucks were still in turmoil, and the fans were ready for the season.Now, it’s not so much that they won two consecutive games under the leadership of the new head coach. Bruce Budlow And they have a certain degree of confidence that their game lacked before the change.Call it fresh and Positive voices in the locker room Or Bit Lavis Green is more suitable for this team’s system, it doesn’t matter. The important thing is that Canucks is playing a more organized game and is starting to develop his identity again.

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Still, you can’t attribute all the credit to Budello, because he is not the only addition to the bench. Scott Walker Some props should also be given. As revealed in the opening press conference of the new head coach, his new right-hand man will help defend and deal with the much-maligned Penalties of the Canucks.

Brad Shaw shouldn’t get lost in all the changes in the shuffle, because he seems to have more say after Nolan Baumgartner’s departure. After two games, you can already see Walker and Shaw’s performances differing in penalty and defense.

Canucks penalty kills are more aggressive

Until two games before, the Canucks took a penalty kick Lacks any aggressivenessIn most cases, they just let their opponents pass the ball with impunity until they get a high-risk chance that ultimately leads to a goal.They basically sit and wait, hoping that the other team won’t score or that Thatcher Demko Will stop everything. This didn’t work very well, because they had a bad penalty kill in history that put them at the bottom of the NHL.

Everything changed the moment the Canucks had to stifle their first man advantage under the new regime of Budlow and Walker. They are forcibly attacking, blocking in front of the opponent, limiting time and space. All an excellent penalty unit does is to successfully kill a penalty.

Scott Walker (Terry Wilson/OHL Images)

“Obviously, recoil doesn’t work, so we changed it and gave other opportunities to do this,” Budlow said, adding that on Tuesday, Quinn Hughes would also see the penalty time on Wednesday. “I think they accepted it.” (From “Canucks notebook: New Punishment Killer Gets Ideas, News from the Next Man” Ottawa citizen, 12/7/21).

So far, the more aggressive penalty shots have been relatively successful because they only allowed one goal in six chances and scored one goal in a 5-on-3 match against the Boston Bruins on Wednesday. Since Walker took office, they have only allowed four high-crisis matches (HDCA) and one high-crisis match (HDCF). They also created more lack of opportunities.

Many teams have successfully deployed their stars in penalty shootouts. Former coach Travis Green never even accepted this idea. Now, with Budlow and Walker at the helm, this may be the normal way forward. They won’t get the main deployment, but they will get time at the end of the penalty kick. In fact, the new coach duo wants to use four units on a regular basis, each with 30 seconds of ice time, to keep everyone fresh.

Elias Paterson, Vancouver Canucks
Elias Pettersson, Vancouver Canucks (Amy Owen / Hockey writer)

I have always supported the team’s use of offensive players on penalties. This is why it is so exciting to see the coach finally accept this strategy in Vancouver. In the past, when the Canucks accepted a large number of penalties, the stars would sit on the bench for a long time. As they kill and punish, this will not happen because their shifts will not be disrupted.

Offensive players put pressure on (strong play), and there are many good teams. Their best offensive players are also their better killers. They get more time on the ice and feel more engaged… This is a good thing, as long as they are committed to doing the right thing on the defensive end.

Bruce Boudreau puts offensive players in penalty shootout

As in the case of Pettersson and Podkolzin, they have both imposed penalties in the past. Whether in their junior team or in their country, their coaches trust them enough to take on this responsibility. So why not try it in the NHL? So far, everything is fine, because they have not yet conducted a high-crisis confrontation on the ice. They also created some offensive opportunities. Patterson scored a penalty in Monday’s game against the Los Angeles Kings.

Has Xiao been ignored in the green regime?

When Shaw was hired from the Columbus Blue Jackets during the offseason, almost everyone praised the addition of former general manager Jim Benning. The Canucks are one of the worst defensive teams in the NHL and need a substitute like him. Except when Green was asked about hiring, he said Baumgartner will still be in charge of defense, despite Shaw’s years of success with the Blue Jackets and the St. Louis Blues.

Bradshaw, Nolan Baumgartner, Vancouver Canucks
Is it more important for Brad Shaw that Scott Walker is in charge of defense than Nolan Baumgartner? (Amy Owen / Hockey writer)

With only two games into the new regime now, the Canucks finally saw the benefits of making Xiao their employee. Now teaming up with Walker, these seemingly out-of-date defensive players play methodically and confidently under their guidance. Looking at the basic statistics of the past two games, they only allowed one goal and 11 HDCA. Under Green’s leadership, they allowed nine HDCA and four goals in the Pittsburgh Penguins game alone. They also look more chaotic in their own area.

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With Shaw and Walker, they can calmly clear the area by cleverly passing the ball or idling the puck over the head of the outpost. This is very similar to the practice of the Vegas Golden Cavaliers clearing the area and starting a counterattack.

While they were practicing PP on one end of the ice, Brad Shaw was practicing high somersaults with Schenn, Poolman and Hamonic on the other end of the ice to clear the defensive zone. #Canucks @Sportsnet650

There were only two games, but the Canucks defense looked more organized. It was no coincidence that this happened the moment Baumgartner left. Maybe it’s not just Green who has the problem?

Walker & Shaw is the perfect complement to Boudreau

Boudreau is known for its aggressive system, which caters to offensive players. Shaw is known for being a structured coach and he can make the most of his defenders. Although Walker has no experience as a coach in the NHL, he is known for being a tough and serious player. He always works with chips. He is also a prolific penalty killer, proud of successfully killing himself. These three seem to be a match made in heaven, because at this point, they all seem to be the right coaches for the Canucks.

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Just listen Words from Walker The moment he arrived in Vancouver was enough to convince me that he was the right choice to join Budello as a member of the new coaching staff.

This team means more to me than people know… I told Steamer (interim general manager Stan Smyl) the other day that I was chosen as a 19-year-old short guard, which was not popular at the time. By Pat Quinn and George McPhee. Ronnie Delorme and Mike Penny are scouts together. Their staff include Steamer, Thomas Gradin, Jack McIlhargey, Curt Fraser. This means it is important to me. I think these people have had a big impact on my life, not just as a player, but as a person. I have a great responsibility to them, do you understand what I mean?

Scott Walker joins the Canucks coaching staff

All in all, the Canucks have three great voices behind the bench, leading them out of the darkness and toward the light. who knows? This may be the beginning of something special, which may lead to a playoff spot or even the Stanley Cup. After all, something stranger happened.

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