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The Canucks need to make major changes to reverse the bad penalty shootout in history

Not only did the Vancouver Canucks tread water on the penalty kick (PK), they were also sinking. The historically terrible penalty kick success rate is 60.3%, and they are a full four percentage points lower than the equally terrifying 64.3% Winnipeg Jets.People have said time and time again that their Special team is the reason They are losing the game. Look at the game against the Colorado Avalanche on Wednesday. At that time, a 2-1 lead turned into a 3-2 deficit. All of this was based on a strong game, except for Gabriel Landskog’s empty net. Outside the ball, everything turned into a 4-2 defeat.

I think we are five-on-five better teams in most games…everyone knows (special teams) is the problem. There are no secrets.

Quinn Hughes

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So, after the Canucks have gone through five consecutive losses and have played 10 penalties in 10 games and a jaw-dropping 19 goals, let’s take a look at what they need to do to turn the situation around.

Owning is half the battle, winning some confrontations!

We all know that winning the initial faceoff in a penalty shoot-out will be delayed by at least 15-20 seconds. The problem is that the Canucks haven’t done enough on their penalty kicks. Among the four centers that usually draw few draws, Bohovat It is the only team with a faceoff rate of more than 50%.

player Percentage of even-intensity faceoffs Scramble Percentage
Bohovat 56.4 52.4
Yuho Ramico 46.5 45.8
JT Miller 62.2 37.2
Jason Dickinson 40.6 23.1
Bo Horvat has always been the only highlight of the Vancouver Canucks’ penalty kick (Amy Owen / Hockey writer)

Looking at JT Miller, Jason Dickinson There were not enough faceoffs with Juho Lammikko, no wonder they struggled. In any case, possession of the ball is huge, but it is most important when killing a penalty. When opponents don’t have the ball, they can’t score, it’s that simple. Penalties will continue to struggle until the Canucks find someone other than Horvat to win the confrontation.

Stay away from the penalty box

The best way to eliminate penalties is to never accept them from the beginning. As one of the worst penalty kicks in team history, you would think that everyone is afraid of penalty kicks. Except for the Canucks, which is one of the most penalized teams in the league, with 71 penalties, the third-lowest minor team has 62. .

NHL referee
The Canucks need to stop giving the referee a reason for penalties (Amy Owen / Hockey writer)

At the time of writing, the Canucks scored 58 goals in 17 games, ranking fifth in the league, behind the Seattle Sea Monsters, Detroit Red Wings, Arizona Coyotes and Montreal Canadiens. Of these 58 goals, only 27 were scored against them. Except for the terrible penalties that have scored the league’s highest 23 strong games, they are a very good 5-on-5 team. In fact, when it comes to the rest of the NHL, these 27 goals put them in the middle. Most importantly, so far, penalties have completely killed their season. This is why discipline should dominate the progress.

Poolman and other defenders must do better on penalty kicks

As Trevor Beggs of The Daily Hive clearly detailed in a recent article, the PK personnel of the Canucks obviously let them down.Defense from Swiss cheese Tucker Pullman Travis Hamonic and Dickinson and Lammikko made an uncharacteristically terrible penalty kick, and almost always scored a goal every time a penalty kick was made.

Tucker Poolman, Vancouver Canucks
Tucker Poolman, Vancouver Canucks (Amy Owen / Hockey writer)

Tucker Poolman’s performance was a total disaster. Among the blue line players who averaged less than one minute per game, Pullman’s 144.5 shot attempts against 60 people per game were the worst in the NHL.

Trevor Bergs, The Daily Hive

The Canucks really miss Alex Edler, Chris Tanev and even Troy Stecher now because they lost on the penalty kick. Poolman, Hamonic, Oliver Ekman-Larsson and Tyler Myers just didn’t finish. The problem is, apart from Kyle Burroughs and Jett Woo on the farm, they really have no one else who can step in and do better.

Add Hoglander, Garland and Podkolzin to the penalty kick

What the Canucks did was the forward choice. More specifically, the names of these three people are Nils Hoglander, Vasily Podkolzin and Conor Garland. None of the three have experience in killing penalty kicks in the NHL, but they all have two things in common, speed and tenacity.

In PK, everything has to do with pressure, intelligence, and the best player to keep the ball away from the opponent. So far, what we have seen from the careers of these three people, it is hard to believe that they will not be good at penalty kicks. What must the Canucks lose? It will not get worse than it is now.

Unless their special team improves, the Canucks will not enter the playoffs

General manager Jim Benning said in the offseason The Canucks need to enter the playoffs this year. The opening of 5-10-2, the penalty kick in the 32nd place and the strong play in the 27th place are not the case. In the 17 games of the 2021-22 season, they achieved the most powerful offensive goals in the NHL, and only three times in that time negated the opponent’s powerful offense. In terms of strong teams, they only scored 9 goals in 62 strong team games, the highest in the league, 5 of which were scored in two games.

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Unless their special team makes a big turnaround, the Canucks will not be able to make the playoffs this season. It is not common for a team to reach the final of 16 without a special team going all out. Currently, both are in a neutral state. At the very least, the penalty kick must come into play and stop allowing goals. Unfortunately, with the Jets’ ninth-ranked power game coming to town on Friday, things won’t get easier.

All statistics are taken from with Hockey Reference

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