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The Calgary Flames have the best goalkeeper duo in the NHL

this Calgary Flame Is one of the hottest teams in the NHL walks out the gate and rides 10 consecutive victories And compete for the top spot in the Western Conference. In a true reversal of fate, the Flames have drastically cooled down in the past 10 days, losing four of the past five games.Although the boys in red have suffered serious offensive blackouts in recent days, one thing that has not changed in the first game of the season is the absolutely outstanding performance of Calgary’s top goalkeeper. Jacob Makstrom And his rookie substitute Dan Vladal.

Jacob Markstrom, Daniel Vladal (hockey writers)

How good is the goalkeeper combination for the Flames?Well, even if I take a cursory look Statistics page On, two Calgary netizens are near the top of each major category. close the door? Markstrom ranked first with four points, while Vladal tied for sixth with one point. Average target (GAA)? Markstrom ranked fifth with 1.82 GAA, and Vladar ranked sixth with 1.96 GAA. Saving percentage (SV%)? “Marky” ranked fifth again with 0.938 SV%, and his young bench was only a little behind with 0.933 SV%.

These impressive numbers add up to a very strong 1-2 shock, and despite the recent decline, it still keeps this team in fierce competition. There are currently no other NHL team’s two goalkeepers performing well at the same time, which makes the dynamic duo of the Fire team the envy of the league.

Markstrom has set a career high in a season due to a lockout

Markstrom signed a copy 6-year $36 million contract In the 2020 offseason, this move is considered a long-term solution to the Fire team’s goalkeeping dilemma after more than a decade of instability between the pipelines. Unfortunately, after Covid’s shortened 2020-21 season started solidly, the big Swede did not live up to expectations, and his overall season results were the worst in the league.

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Markstrom’s excellent start to the 2021-22 season has allowed him to enter Vezina Trophy Dialogue, Four times out of his first 12 games. With this in mind, the 6-foot-6-inch network administrator has only had eight career shutdowns since his debut in the NHL in the 2010-11 season. If the Flames hope to rebound in a year after they missed the playoffs last season, it is likely to be supported by Markstrom.

In the past two seasons, there have been many rumors about the Flames overusing “Marky” and not giving the Swedes enough rest time. (From “Does the flame overwork Jacob Makstrom, Sports meeting, 02/19/21) The game held in Philadelphia on Tuesday was his 57th start since the start of the 2020-21 season-the most in the NHL.Despite his outstanding performance, I did find that Markstrom’s performance began to decline after several consecutive starts, and he seemed to admit it. In the post-match media contest After losing to Habu last Thursday.

“Three goals. Not good enough. I think this is a simple assessment method,” he told reporters in Montreal. “In the third game, we need to make a few saves to keep the trend and give the players a chance to win. I am disappointed.”

This is why the Fire’s strong performance as a substitute network administrator this season is so important. Every time Markstrom returned to the crease after Vladal’s start, the Fire’s first hockey plug was excellent. October 25th vs. Rangers: Only one goal allowed. Against the Penguins three nights later: out again. Tuesday night against the Flyers: 41 saves and a 2-1 loss in overtime. Calgary seems to have found a truly reliable substitute, which may be the key to rest and keep the team’s 31-year-old veteran goalkeeper in his best shape.

Flame throws the dice in the relatively unknown Vladal

Like many people, my first reaction was Offseason trade with the Boston Bruins The introduction of this young Czech goalkeeper was…chaotic. Who is this Vladal who is being targeted by the Flames? He is the latest backup goalkeeper for the Bulls? This relatively unknown 24-year-old has only made five NHL starts between the two teams. Is he really ready for the great moment? After playing four games with a burning C on his chest, I have to say that the answer to this question is a resounding “yes”.

Dan ruler Calgary Flame
Dan Vladal, Calgary Flames (Amy Owen / Hockey writer)

Vladal has an impressive 3-0-1 record this season and has not lost a game in the regular season. Although he won the W in the first two starts of the 2021-22 season, his stats are certainly nothing to write about-a very ordinary 2.98 GAA and 0.891 SV%. This is a far cry from his excellent 2019-20 American Hockey League season, when his GAA was as high as £1.79 and his SV% was 0.936%.

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All of this changed when the young Czech started back-to-back matches in Toronto and Ottawa last week. Facing the intense offense of the Maple Leafs, the 24-year-old was almost perfect, conceding only one goal in 33 regular shots.In the extra picture, Vladal made an amazing breakthrough in the match. Alston Matthews This (temporarily) saved the game, but shortly afterwards, the super sniper took revenge and won 2-1 for the home team.Despite the loss, it was the young bench’s best performance of the season. Two days later he won the starter against the Senator, where he will His NHL career was shut down for the first time.

Stellar Netminding stole multiple “loser points” for the flame

Although in this long road trip, the Flames’ offense has dried up, but Markstrom and Vladal have been doing their best to prevent Calgary from falling in the Western Conference standings. If you cancel the game against the Covid-19 exhausted Senators, the team will be shut down, and the Flames have only scored four goals in the last three games. I’ve already got a lot of praise for how Vladar stole the limelight in Toronto and single-handedly won a single point in the overtime loss. Not to be outdone, Markstrom did the same thing in Philadelphia on Tuesday night.

Although he maintained his 1-0 advantage in the second quarter, after Rasmus Andersson dragged down the flyer’s Scott Laughton, Markstrom performed well and gave the home team one time. A rare penalty shot. The Big Swede waited for Laborton to come out, forced him to leave, and then stacked the mats to stop the shot and maintain the lead. The Fire’s number one network administrator had already made ten saves early in the game and ended the game with 41 stops of 43 shots to lose again.

When the goal is difficult to achieve, this type of goalkeeper from the Calgary network administrator is exactly what the Flames need to keep this team in pursuit. It’s no secret that head coach Darryl Sutter has implemented a responsible and defensive style of hockey this season, and this new system has undoubtedly helped his goalkeeper achieve outstanding results. score. If the partnership between Markstrom and Vladar can maintain this state in 82 games, I bet these boys in red will not only make the playoffs, but they will also make some noise once they get there.

Greg Tysowski is a former broadcast journalist who has chosen an exciting full-time dad life for more than a decade.He is now a Published author, Parenting blogger Covering the Calgary Flames with aspiring sports writers for hockey writers. Greg is also a regular contributor to the weekly roundtable discussions “Flame Confrontation”, Now playing on YouTube and all podcast channels.

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