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The Calgary Fire’s 3 bold predictions for the 2021-22 season

Let us face the facts.this Calgary Flame‘The 2020-21 season, which started with such a promise, quickly derailed. It was characterized by a shocking mid-season coaching change, the dismal efforts of many of the team’s core players, and another failed attempt to enter the playoffs. The only good news I can gather is that there is no need for much improvement in the substandard campaigns that we all want to forget, shortened by the pandemic.

Noah Hanifin, Jacob Makstrom, Matthew Tkachuk (hockey writers)

So, with the increase in training camps and the opening night roster seems to have finally taken shape, it’s time to set your sights on the upcoming NHL season and do what you like to do at this time of the year from casual fans to experienced hockey writers—— Make some bold predictions! Let’s start with a core player who ended in a very disappointing battle. It should be a lock to turn back the clock.

Matthew Tkachuk will usher in a rebound season, sign a long-term contract extension and be appointed as the next captain of the Flames

I know there is a lot of chatter about the super pests of flames In the trading area, But I really think the team will redouble their efforts Matthew Tkachuk And bet that he can become the best player on the team again. Last season, the 23-year-old winger not only took a step backwards in the scoring list, but also as a team leader. There are rumors that the room was not impressed by his infamous throwing incident with Jake Muzzin, and according to reports, Tekachuk himself was very frustrated that no one supported him.I think he has put all of this in the rearview mirror, and in a recent interview NHL network, He explained why he is ready and willing to lead the Flames into the Stanley Cup playoffs.

“I know you left a legacy for the individual and the team in the playoffs. So this is what I hope to do this year, which is to make great progress in the playoffs and do something special for our team. Thing. Because I really want to do that with the group of people there. I consider myself a stable player and haven’t achieved much in the league so far. So [I’m] Hope this year I can prove it. This has nothing to do with me… it is closely related to the success of the team. This year is the time for us to do something. “

Matthew Tkachuk, in the upcoming season

although Talk to reporters At the NHL/NHLPA Player Media Tour last Friday, Tkachuk further vented his dissatisfaction: “It is enough now,” he told the media. “Time is passing, the average is not interesting, this is what we have always been. We have been playing in the playoffs, we have missed the playoffs, we have made the playoffs, we have lost [in the] The first round is not fun. It’s time for us to really do something and take the next step, but I think people really have to dig deeper and do this from the beginning. “

In the 2021-22 season, Tkachuk’s base salary is 9 million U.S. dollars, and the upper limit is 7 million U.S. dollars. As the team’s highest paid player, I believe the management of the Fire team will like him to start acting like this again. Last season, the left winger scored only 16 goals in 56 games (this was his lowest goal since his rookie year). However, it does feel that this energetic forward is tired of losing. Therefore, I am looking for “Chucky” to score at least 30 goals this season, and before the end of the 2021-22 season, I also hope that he will sign a huge contract extension and stitch a brand new one in the upper left corner. C a corner of his jersey. Say hello to your new captain and the cornerstone players for the next few years.

Jacob Markstrom will return to elite status and become one of the top 5 goalkeepers in the NHL

Last year, when the Flames landed one of the largest free agents in the sea, many fans of Red C breathed a sigh of relief.By signing Jacob Makstrom In a six-year, $36 million transaction, Calgary seems to have finally ended their goalkeeper dilemma and acquired the heir to the legendary network administrator Miikka Kiprusoff. However, after experiencing the ups and downs of the 2020-21 campaign, many people question whether this bold declaration is still valid.

Jacob Markstrom Calgary Flame
Jacob Markstrom, Calgary Flames (Photo: Jonathan Kozub/NHLI via Getty Images)

After the fiery start Seeing the 6-foot-6-inch network manager hit an 8-4-1 record and a 0.924 save rate (SV%), Markstrom’s performance in the middle stage was poor, and he was sidelined due to a concussion. His post-injury stats are simply terrible: 4-10-1 record, SV% is 0.872. Although he won 10 of the last 15 games, he did rebound, but the damage has been done and the playoffs are out of reach.Big Swedes vowed to be better when talking to people Firestarter Podcast by Flames last week.

“I’m not happy, I’m not good enough, it’s on me,” Markstrom told the podcast. “So, this is the pressure I put on myself. I think I have had a great summer, and I think I am ready to start this season again… We are at a time when no one wants to end the game. End the game. The entire team has entered their shoulders this year.”

Jacob Markstrom, in the 2020-21 season for the Flames

Just like Tekachuk, Markstrom’s performance in the 2020-21 season was far below expectations. Just like the winger the Flames hate, I expect an important year for the 25th to shut down opponents. Mouth, leading the Flames back to the playoffs. The 31-year-old player will benefit from the entire season where head coach Darryl Sutter puts defense first in front of him, so I predict that he will start in 60-65 games and have at least 0.925. SV%.

The new season brings a whole new mask, and I bet that this intimidating/relenting tribute to teammate Chris Tanev will help erase the bad memories of Markstrom’s previous campaign. As we all know, if you don’t have a great goalkeeper, you won’t succeed or make the playoffs, so I count on Calgary’s top goalkeeper to make a huge rebound to help the Flames do this.

Noah Hanifin will replace the Fire’s first guard

Noah Hanifin In fact, compared to the other two players mentioned in this bold prediction article, they are at the other end of the spectrum. Unlike Tkachuk and Markstrom, Hanifin is about to usher in his best year as Flame, which means that for the 24-year-old defender, the expectations of entering the 2021-22 season are high. No. 55 partnered with veteran Tanev last season and was previously marked as a diverse player at best, and The chemical reaction is instantaneousIn fact, in the eight games at the beginning of the season, they did not give up a 5-on-5 goal.

Noah Hanifen Calgary Flame
Noah Hannifin, Calgary Fire (Amy Owen / Hockey writer)

this Mark Giordano leaves To Seattle and left one in the expansion draft Big hole in flame D nuclear, So who will take over the vacancy of Calgary’s first guard? I bet that Hanifin will build on his excellent 2020-21 season and seize the extra playing time that the former captain can eat every night. Giordano plays more than 24 minutes per game, while Hanifin only plays 20 minutes a night, but he feels that he is ready to take on more responsibilities. (From “Is Noah Hanifin ready to use his potential on the Fire’s blue line?”, Sports meeting, 09/13/2021)

“There is a chance this year. You have lost a person like Gio. That is a long time. In many different situations, someone needs to fill this role. This is something I’m very excited about. I hope to have a very strong The training camp for me has kept my game in order, ready to go, and then obviously will try to take advantage of the opportunities that arise.”

Noah Hanifin plays a more important role

I think Hanifin’s style of play is closest to that of the former captain, so replacing Giordano for the defensive totem pole should be effortless. The Boston native has entered his seventh NHL campaign, so some people may think that he is “that’s it” at this stage of his career, but Fire assistant coach Ryan Huska disagrees. Evaluate. (From “Is Noah Hanifin ready to use his potential on the Fire’s blue line?”, Sports meeting, 09/13/2021)

“He has just begun to enter his prime,” Huska said. “He is no longer a young guy, now he is becoming the most suitable person, where all the lessons he learned, he must accept and use them to continue to make himself better.” I agree with this view, I would be very surprised if we didn’t see this young defender’s career in scoring and average time on ice for a year.

If these 3 bold predictions fail, then the flame is in big trouble

Most of the offseason action of the Flames is directed towards Defense-first hockey style They are readily available during their 2021-22 season, so it is absolutely crucial for these three players to reach their full potential. If Sartre wants to win 2-1 and 3-2 tight games, these people will have to take the lead. If Tkachuk’s goals dries up again, Markstrom has another roller coaster year, and Hanifin takes a step back, we may have another long and frustrating season in the Bull City.

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