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The CA chairman admitted that it was wrong not to deprive Paine of the captain three years ago

Chairman Richard Freudenstein admitted on Saturday that during the preliminary investigation into Tim Paine’s sending a clear message to a female colleague, the Australian cricket team (Cricket Australia) erroneously failed to dismiss the test team leader.

The 36-year-old man resigned as the Australian test captain on Friday after news that he had sent an unsolicited and explicit photo and a series of indecent messages to a female colleague in 2017, which was when he became the captain. A few months ago.

“I can’t talk about the 2018 decision, I was not there at the time. But I mean, based on the facts today, the Australian Cricket Committee will not make this decision,” Freudenstein said at a joint press conference. CA CEO Nick Hawkley.

“I admit that this decision clearly conveys the wrong message that this behavior is acceptable and will not cause serious consequences. The role of the Australian cricket team captain must maintain the highest standards,” he added.

After Tim Paine withdrew, the media questioned the motives of the Australian cricket team

After the ball tampering scandal in South Africa in 2018, the stump was promoted to the captain of the test team.

The Australian Cricket Investigation at the time concluded that Paine did not violate CA’s Code of Conduct and was free to continue his role as captain.

“The code of conduct is appropriate (for now), and it is important to note that many things have changed since then,” Freudenstein said.

“Since the 2018 season, plans have been drawn up to address issues such as pornographic texting. We have conducted a comprehensive review of sexual harassment education.”

ACA supports Paine: “He feels it is necessary to resign as captain, which makes him feel sad.”

According to the report, a Cricket Tasmania employee was also offended by “Mr. Paine’s pornography, unpopular and unsolicited genital photos, and vivid sexual comments.” On Friday, Paine apologized for his actions in an interview with the media.

“Although I was excused, I deeply regretted the incident once and I did this today. I once talked with my wife and family and thanked them for their forgiveness and support.” He will continue to be a member of the Australian team.

Australia is scheduled to face England in the first Ash Test in Brisbane on December 8.

Payne underwent surgery in September to repair the bulging disc on his neck. Despite the injury, he was still included in the team.

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