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The Buffalo Sabres have their future mainstay in Dylan Corsons

Buffalo Sabre Center Dylan Cosens Is now and future Buffalo Sabre. We’ve heard before—a young player of the Buffalo Sabres is regarded by fans as “the present and future of the team”—but it takes a special player and individual to be regarded as such, especially in the cloth Faro City, but for me, Cozens checked every box during his young NHL career.

I started with the simple fact that the version of Sabres led by Don Granato seems to be a fast, busy and hard-working team. Gone are the days of Dan Bylsma, Phil Housley and Ralph Kreuger. In my opinion, they used the talent we had and forced the players to play within their hockey system. It is safe to say that it does not work at all.

Now Granato has taken over a team with both veterans and young talents. Granato assessed the players’ strengths and weaknesses and found that Cozens is ready to meet his every challenge.

Cozens has performed well in the last 3 games

In the last three games of Cosens, he had two goals and one assist against arguably the best three centers in the league, McDavid, Matthews and Crosby. Although these two goals were scored in the Buffalo game against Edmonton, Cosens played a good role in the Mike Pekka era of the Sabres, which is a simple role.

Dylan Cozens, Buffalo Sabre (Amy Owen / Hockey writer)

To prevent the opposing team’s best center from scoring, I believe that the biggest feature of Cotzens is not his offensive ability, but his physical fitness at both ends of the rink. He played a sense of urgency that this team hasn’t seen in a while. As talented as Jack Eichel, in the Sabres and the Vegas Golden Cavaliers, is he a two-way player who can shut down opposing centers?

I am by no means saying that Cozens is better than Eichel. Offensively, the former Sabre captain is one of the top five or even the top three players in the game when he is in good health, but this team needs a center like Cosens, who can play two. Road race, and stepped forward to him in an emergency. Does this mean throwing away the gloves.

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I didn’t even mention the fact that the team that entered the season and ranked first in the first game against the Montreal Canadiens was Casey Mittlestadt, not Cozens. “Gloves” was injured in that game, and Kozens was pushed into a role that no one expected him to play, let alone play well.

The Sabres’ 2020-2021 season is one of the worst seasons in recent memory and one of the worst seasons I have ever seen in my life. When Eichel, Sam Reinhart and Rasmus Ristolainen cleared their lockers, there was little reason for these three players to show a bit of excitement. When I watched these interviews, I started to feel “doom and pessimistic” about this team, because I can walk and take root forever. The memory of Chris Drury, Daniel Briere, Thomas Vanek, and of course Jason Pominville seems to be a very distant memory, which was 15 years ago.

Before this era, after this era, Sabres fans have experienced heartbreak, and are likely to experience more in the next few years, but let a player clear his locker and look lucky to be this one. As a member of the team, I was lucky to have experienced a challenging season, and at the moment I was lucky to become Sabre, I realized that Cozens is the present and future of the team.

Ryan Thomas is from western New York, was born and raised in Lockport, New York, and has hosted his own podcast “The Thomas Take Sports Podcast” since 2015. Glen Parker and Jim “Mouse” McNally. Ryan can also be regarded as the “live character” of his hometown radio stations WLVL 1340 AM and 105.3 FM. Ryan Thomas has a deep-rooted passion for sports, especially Buffalo Sports. The best memory of his childhood is going to the skating rink to see Dominik Hasek’s dominance in the net, or Rob Ray dropping his gloves. Ryan is an avid Fantasy Sports athlete who likes to participate in the league with his old friends. Most importantly, Ryan Thomas believes that no sports city is as great as Buffalo, New York.

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