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The £35 million Chelsea flop, Drinkwater, enters the game “in a mess”

After teaming up with the English championship team Reading, the England national script season left Stamford Bridge on loan again

Danny Drinkwater admitted that his time at Chelsea was “a mess.” The 31-year-old midfielder paid 35 million pounds ($48 million) after moving from Leicester to the Blues in 2017. The value of it has failed.

The deal was made when Drinkwater became the Premier League champion and England international, and the Stamford Bridge players were eager to reunite with former Fox teammate N’Golo Kanter.

The return on a large investment is small, After similar experiences in Burnley, Aston Villa and Casimpassa in Turkey, Reading on loan this season.

What did you say?

Drink water, who has Only 12 Premier League appearances for Chelsea There are a total of 23 in all competitions, tell Talk sports In evaluating his time in West London: “Can I paint a picture? No. It has been a mess.

“This is football. It’s never straightforward, never simple. I’m just excited about the new challenge. I need [kick-start my career]. I am more excited about this than in the past few years, especially how my career has developed.

“Play, re-enjoy the fun of football, and then start from there. Some people have slipped away, I made a mistake, I did not participate in the game.

“I’m in the final year of my contract, so it’s not just football. I have other things.”


He added: “I am very eager to play, I know my position, I know this is not what I expected in 10 years. So I have to make a change, I am taking the right steps.

“I just need to keep in touch with the manager, trust each other and trust the team. I hope they trust me, and we can build on this foundation.”

What’s next for Drinkwater?

After Chelsea became a forgotten person, Drinkwater will become a free agent next summer. He will be eliminated by the Blues as a costly mistake, and the Champions League champions will continue to adopt multiple alternatives.

The season-long game in Reading has been approved, so Drinkwater can at least hope to see some regular game time in the 2021-22 season.

He now finds himself participating in the tournament and is facing a long journey back to the heights he climbed when he helped Leicester win the stunning top league championship and make his international debut in 2016.

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