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Talor Gooch won the RSM Classic and won the PGA Tour Championship for the first time

British stone. Simmons Island, Georgia – Tarot Gucci In the RSM Classic on Sunday, he played very well and was not bothered by anything. When he ended the island three-shot victory with a 6-64 under par, his first PGA tour The championship paid off.

He played with two people who had won before. He was pushed early by the past island champion. The buzz in the middle of the round is another player flirting 59.

Gucci caught three birdies on the four holes, started with the nine holes, and never let anyone close to a strong drop in the final prize. This victory put him at the top of the FedEx Cup standings, ranked 33rd in the world, and was promoted to the Augusta National Team in the US Masters in April.

“Ending the fall season like I just did, this is a dream come true,” Gucci said.

Gucci tied the championship record of 22 under par with 260 Kevin Kisner In 2014, he became the seventh player in the 12-year history of the event to win the RSM Classic for the first time.

Mackenzie Hughes The Canadian player won the game in 2016. He caught four birdies in the last six holes and led Gucci from the group. He put in a 20-foot putt on the 18th hole and made 62, which was below par. 263 shots of 19 shots won the runner-up.

Sebastian Muñoz (65) Alone in third and Taylor macomber (60), Cameron Smith (64), Tom Hogg (67) and Simo Dynamics (68) Tied for fourth place.

Together with the Masters, Gucci will begin to participate in the Sentry Championship in Kapalua next year on Maui.

“It allowed me to participate in some competitions that I did not participate in,” he said. “But I want to participate in the Tour Championship, which gives me a little bit ahead in the game of this journey. The goal is to win the Tour Championship.”

Gucci started the day with a three-shot advantage over his opponents Munoz and Ball, and delivered a voice when he hit 5ft and 9ft birdie putts with two irons on the 2nd and 4th holes. information.

He only missed two fairways and two greens. He shot 60 at Macomber and ended with a 15-under-par score. After three shots, Gucci’s reaction was to knock the ball down. He caught four birdies on the last six holes, leading Hughes and Muñoz by as many as five shots.

“I know I need a low shot today, if you tell me I will shoot 62, I think I might be very close,” Hughes said. “But Talow clearly performed well this week and deserves to win.”

Gucci said that on days that were clearer and calmer than the previous two rounds, he was always aware of what was happening around him.

“I always knew…I followed things closely,” he said. “But it doesn’t change what you are doing. I know I have 20 (under par) in my mind. Doing this will force people in other fields to do some good things. But when you think about scoring Cards and scores.”

On Friday, Macomber had to catch two birdies in the last three holes in order to qualify for the second time in six games starting in the fall. He started his round on the last nine holes and caught the 15th hole. Two birdies and a 50-foot eagle putt, then turned around and birdied five consecutive holes, all on putts of 10 feet or less.

His 59 chance boiled down to a longer putt than he wanted — less than 55 feet — after he got a wedge from 144 yards on the 9th hole 144 yards away.

He did not leave a brief content.The putt slid through the hole on the left and he scored his second 60 at the beach (Munoz did it in the first round), tying it with Tommy Gurney When he won in 2012.

“I have a 52-degree wedge and a little overhanging lie. I hit adrenaline for about 4 or 5 yards, about 3 or 4 yards from the club, just in case you get a little help or a little help gust, “Macomber said. “I think the 8 to 10 foot putt right below it will be perfect and quite easy. I grabbed a low degree of it, it was just a short hair, and the putt was a little longer than the 59 I wanted. “


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