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T20 World Cup: Pakistan is always a pressure game against India-Hasan Ali

Pakistan has never beaten India in the World Cup and T20 World Cup, but seaman Hassan Ali is confident that his team can break this dilemma in the upcoming T20 World Cup this time.

“When we win the championship trophy (2017), it is a very good time for us and we will try to beat them again in the T20 World Cup,” Hassan said at a virtual press conference on Wednesday.

Hassan said: “We will do our best. Due to the expectations of the fans of the two countries, the match against India is always a stressful match.”

He pointed out that the game between Pakistan and India is the most watched game in the world. “Even those who don’t play cricket will pay attention to the match between India and Pakistan, so the pressure on the players is great, but we will do our best.”

Hassan said that the UAE’s courts may be more helpful to spinners than fast bowlers, but this does not mean that fast bowlers perform poorly in the game. “We know how to bowl in this situation, but yes, you can see that all teams have picked many spinners in their teams.”


When talking about the Pakistan team, Hassan said that he was disappointed with the resignation of Mies Bahak and Wakal Younis. “To be honest, I’m very disappointed because the World Cup is coming, this change happened and they left,” he said.

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Hasan said that Vakkar is his role model, he will miss his guidance, but as a professional player, he must continue to move forward. “I wish them all the best. When I see him bowling on the screen, I will miss Vakkar’s guidance.”

Hasan looks forward to working with the new bowling coach Vernon Philander.

“We all know that Filander is an excellent bowler and his performance has always been at the top level. We look forward to working with him, but it is too early to say how much we can benefit from him, because this is only He joined the team.”

‘Focus on home series’

Hassan said that Pakistan will not underestimate the New Zealand team in the ODI or T20 international home series. The New Zealand team is currently playing a white ball series in Pakistan.

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“I think their team has enough potential for us to have a tough time. The problem is that they have to go to Pakistan after a difficult series in Bangladesh in dry conditions. They will not be easily defeated. ,”He said.

“Now, the focus is on the home series against New Zealand, because my team needs me to help them all the time.”

Hassan said he wants to be a true all-around player and he is working hard to improve his batting ability in the Nets.

“I want to be an all-rounder in all three forms. The presence of someone like Abdul Razak who joined us recently has been a great help to me. He is teaching me how to maintain a balance. He has always been Pakistan’s all-around player.”

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