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T20 Blast 2021: Jordan Cox shines when the Kent Spitfires beat Somerset in the final

Saturday, The Kent Spitfires defeated Somerset by 25 points. Won their second T20 Blast championship in Edgbaston, Birmingham.

Jordan Cox With a sensational half-century and amazing capture, Kent won their first T20 Blast trophy in 14 years and became the star of the night.

Asked to hit the ball first, Kent had a bad start Rolov van der Merway Pick up three wickets in quick succession to reduce Kent by 52/3. Zach Crowley Tried to calm things down and scored an important 41 of the previous 33 balls Lewis Goldsworthy Pack his bureau.

Then Cox took charge and completely changed the game with quick percussion. With the help of six boundaries, he scored an unbeaten 58 points from 28 shots, including three six-pointers, allowing Kent to score a respectable score of 167/7 out of 20 shots they allocated. .

In response, Somerset could only reach 142/9 in 20 rounds, losing the game by 25 points.Corkscrew Will Smid And mid-range batter Tom Abel He is the only batsman with more than 20 points. Smid made 43 goals in 32 shots and Abel scored 26 goals in 20 times.

Joe Danley It’s Kent’s pitcher. In his 4 pitching quota, he swept 3 scalps in 31 runs. Except for Danley, Keith Ahmed | In 4 games, only 19 times won a few wickets.

In the 11th game of the Somerset Chase, Cox, who shined with a bat, also caught the batsman Smeed brilliantly. Cox was named the “Best Player of the Game” for his comprehensive efforts in the T20 Blast 2021 finals.

“Fight against the sky. Focus on not getting another top player. Just decided to nudge it in the top 10, and since then, keep going. Unfortunately, it was not discovered by me (referring to Greg Dismissal from here). Honestly, it’s great to win. It’s great to be with those big dogs [Darren Stevens, Sam Billings and others] In the locker room,” Cox said after the game.

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