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‘Super Sub’ KS Bharat impressed Saha and competed for the goalkeeper position

Wriddhiman Saha’s greatest asset in his 11 years of international cricket matches was his flawless glove work, which is still keen, but Srikar Bharat’s tidy work behind the stump as a backup goalkeeper seems to be enough to keep the 37-year-old Bangladeshi sleepless. night.

To make matters worse, Saha’s incredible ability to deal with minor problems and injuries at the wrong time did not help his career and his batting ability. Since Rishabh Pant appeared in the Indian test vision, his batting ability has Significantly worsened.

On Saturday, a few minutes before the start of the third day of the game, Saha complained of a stiff neck and the second goalkeeper Bharat was told to do the job in the middle.

The court, a court with variable bounce, the odd balls are kept in a very low position, one or two climbed up from the scene, Ballat pushed his best kick forward in the 85.3 points game, he was on the stump Later, two very different catches and clever reflex trips were made due to uneven bounces, which could go wrong.

This is a baptism of fire for the 28-year-old experienced first-class cricket player, who has been a frequent visitor to the Indian A team for the past three years.

“If you are not 11 years old and then suddenly you have to come in, it is not easy,” said Axar Patel, the hero of the day, of Bharat’s performance.

“Wriddhi bhai has a stiff neck. He (Bharat) was practicing and doing his own warm-up, but was suddenly told 10 minutes before the lawsuit began. It is not easy to guide your thoughts all at once.

“But as you can see, how he collects the ball, how he catches the ball and completes the stumbling block. He will get better in the coming days,” Patel praised Andhra’s stumbling block.

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Former Indian goalkeeper and famous commentator Deep Dasgupta reported the game for the host broadcaster in Kanpur. He believes that Bharat’s outstanding feature is that these three are different catches.

“It was a low score for him to take Ashwin’s bowling ball to fire Wilyan. The one that Aksa made Roth Taylor got was the place where the ball jumped, but he was in a good position,” Dasgupta said.

“Before he collects and removes the goal, when the ball bounces, tripping shows his quick reaction. So in general, he has a tight technique. If he is seen as the second goalkeeper in the future, this is not It would be a bad idea,” he said.

In fact, Bharat has played 78 first-class games and scored more than 4,000 games, which also puts him in a good position.

Most importantly, his highest score in the game against Goa was 308 points. In this game, he started to hit the ball, stayed at the crease for 8 and a half hours, and then contributed 8 dismissals. Over 130 wickets were maintained in the game.

“Since he started to hit the ball, this also provides options for the team, but I doubt that you want to see any short-term solutions,” Dasgupta said.

But he also agreed that the 37-year-old Saha has not become younger.

“Wriddhi is still an excellent goalkeeper, but people have to realize that it is easier to recover from injuries at the age of 22 than at the age of 37. As a batsman, he was a bit unconventional from the beginning, and he was an unconventional one. A stable starter,” the former test player said.

In the Bangladesh cricket world, Wriddhiman has been watching his game since he played U-19 and U-22 for the national team. They believe that one of the biggest problems in terms of overall improvement and responsibility is the closed mind.

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Since he only plays one format, he has been invited to lead Bangladesh countless times, but he has always refused to say that he only wants to focus on his game.

As far as his shots are concerned, the way he hits the Lange trophy for the first time against Hyderabad in 2007 has not improved at all, and technical loopholes other than broken shots still exist.

For Saha, he is still a goalkeeper with the goalkeeper as the main goalkeeper and the batting as a supplementary goalkeeper.

Until sometime, he hit the ball before Ravindra Jadeja, and now he is pushed out of order.

This proves the fact that although the team knows that he is a world-class goalkeeper, they do not believe that he can win a game with a bat like in the Iran trophy in other parts of India a few years ago.

He has never had the improvisation skills of the great Mahendra Singh Dhoni, nor has he been able to take away a game in a game like the maverick Rishabh Pant.

Saha is somewhere in between. Even if he recovers and participates in the Mumbai Test, it will be difficult for the team to bring him unless his batting ability improves.

On the other hand, Bharat has shown that in the long run, the team may not miss Saha.

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