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Sunil Gavaskar included R Ashwin in the T20 WC lineup as a “comfort cup” for England to test the neglect

Advanced Indian spinner Ravichandran Ashwin These days it has been the headlines. First of all, he was not selected in the four test matches against him, which attracted people’s attention. U.K During a trip to Britain in India. Then, the Tamil Nadu spinner became a major topic after he was selected for the 15-man Indian team for the upcoming 2021 T20 World Cup.

To many people’s surprise, Ashwin is not a regular white ball player for the Indian team.Although, he did Indian Premier League (IPL) Every season.Ashwin’s last appearance for the national team was in the 2017 T20I game West Indies In Jamaica.

Now the fans are happy to see Ashwin wearing a blue jersey again.However, the former Indian captain Sunil Gawaska It seems a little skeptical that Ashwin will have the opportunity to participate in a multi-team tournament.

In fact, Gawaska called Ashwin’s selection in the T20 World Cup squad the “Consolation Cup” to make up for his absence in the test series against England. The cricketer turned to a commentator who believed that the right arm spinner was also part of the test team, but he did not have a place in the game, and similar things may happen in the global show event.

“Ashwin’s return is a good thing, but we have to wait and see if he can get a place in XI. You chose him at the 15th position, it doesn’t matter, you also chose him in the England team, but did not give His chance at XI. So, he might just get a comfort cup to make up for the disappointment he might bring from here (in England). Will he participate in XI? Only time will give the answer,” Gavaska told SportsTak.

In addition to Ashwin’s comeback in the white ball cricket game, another update that excited fans is Appointed former Indian captain MS Dhoni as the mentor of the Indian team For the T20 World Cup. Gavaskar talked about the addition of Dhoni and said that India will definitely benefit from Dhoni’s presence.

“MS Dhoni became a mentor more important than Ashwin’s choice because the captain who led India to the 2011 World Cup and the 2007 T20 World Cup won. If he is in that camp, then India will benefit a lot,” Gavaska added.

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