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Stewart Broad urges the European Central Bank to ensure players feel comfortable in the travel restrictions of the Ashes Tour

England seaman Stuart Broad doubts whether Australia’s travel and quarantine restrictions will cause the year-end Ashes series to be postponed, but he said the players hope for the best tour environment.

England cricketers are seeking assurances that their families will be allowed to join them in Australia. Australia has closed its borders to control COVID-19, has limited flights, and enforced 14-day quarantine for returning citizens.

The England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) said last month that it was “very confident” that the Ashes game, which will begin in Brisbane on December 8, will go ahead as planned.

The 35-year-old Broad was excluded from the recent Indian series due to a calf injury after the first test. He is working hard and he said he would be happy to go to Australia.

“I don’t think there will be a delay. In my opinion, it is 100% that an England team with a certain description will start touring,” Broad wrote during the game. Daily mail on Sunday.

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“My message to the boss of the European Central Bank is simple: in the created environment, give us the best opportunity to be strong in January.

“Let’s try to make it as comfortable as possible for us, because if you go to a place like Australia and have to go to the bunker, you won’t like being in one of the greatest places on earth-nor in cricket. Win the game.

“Now there are only a few weeks before the team is selected, but players cannot sign unless they know what they are signing.”

England will participate in the 2020 World Cup in the United Arab Emirates in October and November, and then travel to Australia, which may cause players who participate in both events to leave their homes for four months.

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