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Steve Stricker “does not worry” Brooks Koepka, saying that the rift with Bryson DeChambeau is “not a problem” for the American Ryder Cup team

Sheboygan, Wisconsin – if Brooks Koepka Indifferent to the Ryder Cup, as some of his recent comments may suggest, this is not something Steve Stricker Seen in his deal with golfers.

American Ryder Cup captain Stricker said at an introductory press conference in the Whistler Strait on Monday that he had a conversation with Koepka after he retired. Quoted in Golf Digest Story This has gained considerable traction.

“I have talked to him,” Stricker said at a press conference with the captain of the European Ryder Cup. Padreig Harrington“I have had experience with Brooks in many, many such teams, and my conversations with him and what I saw in the team room did not match what I read in these articles.

“Again, I am not worried about Brooks. He assured me that he is healthy. He assured me that he is 100% all-in on this team, no matter what he needs to do to make this team a winner this weekend. Again, I am not worried about Brooks at all, and the negotiation is very good, he is ready to start the game.”

On September 4, the 31-year-old Koepka retired in the third round of the Tour Championship because he hit a tree root in the grass area while swinging at full force and injured his left wrist.

The pain and swelling were enough to make Koepka lose his arm, and he didn’t want to risk injury anymore. A week ago, he missed a team practice in Whistler Channel.

In the story of Golf Digest, Koepka regrets the schedule of the Ryder Cup Week. The players arrived on Monday and will practice every day for the next three days until Friday. As a four-time Grand Slam champion, Koepka said that it is a difficult adjustment to adapt to different regular seasons.

“I don’t want to say this is a bad week,” he said. “We are too personal. Everyone has their own habits and different ways of doing things. Now it’s like, well, we must have a meeting or Do this or do that. I can hardly see my (personal) team. Even going to the gym is difficult. There is no time to do this at the Ryder Cup. There is no time to decompress.”

Stricker was the deputy captain of the American Ryder Cup team in 2016 and 2018, with Koepka leading 4-3-1. He was also the captain of the 2017 U.S. Presidents Cup, when Koepka defeated the U.S. team 2-2.

As for the ongoing dispute between Koepka and Koepka Bryson DeChambeau, Stricker said, “It’s not a problem for me and the team. We got together a few weeks ago and the six of us (qualified for points) and I have had a conversation with them. They assured me that it’s not a problem. There is a problem. I have no worries.

“Will we pair them? I don’t think so now, but things may change. It may always happen. But it may not. But I had another meal; they all showed up. We went well. Conversation, good conversation. So I don’t think this is a problem at all, and they totally agree.”

Depending on the interview session, you may or may not draw some conclusions about matching.

Tuesday, Justin Thomas, Jordan Spieth, De Chambord Scottie Schaeffler It is part of the interview schedule. Thomas and Spieth are expected to become a pair. Does this mean De Chambord and Schaeffler?

on Wednesday, Sand Scheufele, Patrick Cantley, Dustin Johnson with Colin Senchuan It is part of the interview schedule. Schaeffler and Cantley are expected to become partners, so Johnson and Morikawa may be another.

Thursday, Koepka, Tony Fino, Daniel Berg with Harris English It is part of the interview schedule. Koepka and Finau were a team in the last Paris Ryder Cup. Can Berger and English be a pair?

Stricker said he has a “good and reliable game plan,” but practice and other factors may change it.

One thing Stricker didn’t expect was from Tiger WoodsThe 15-time Grand Slam champion was absent for the entire year after a serious car accident in February and is considered one of Stricker’s deputy captains.

“He is obviously in my ears a lot, and I often call him,” Stricker said. “He is a member of our Ryder Cup team. He is part of our job. He was a member of many of these teams. One member. So in order to get inspiration from him, all of us, the players are the same, I know some players go to see him.

“But I don’t think it’s a good time for him to be healthy, because of his location and difficult walking routes during the recovery process. Yes. Everyone will see it, from the tee to the green. Difficult. So it may not show up. But he is getting better. The focus of him and me is to come back and play again. We don’t want to hinder this because we all want to see him come back to the game.”


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