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SL vs WI: Watch-Jeremy Solozano, who made his debut, left the stretcher after being hit by a helmet in the first test

West Indies Newcomer Jeremy Solozano Severe head injury while playing In the first test in Sri Lanka At the Galle International Stadium on Sunday.

All this happened in the 24th inning of the first inning on the first day of Sri Lanka. Roston Chase Threw a short delivery halfway Dimus Karunaratney, He shook back and pulled.

The shot was heavy, but unfortunately, the red leather hit the helmet of short-legged fielder Solozano. When he was hit, the back of the helmet fell off. The impact of the shot was so great that the outfielder immediately took off his helmet and fell to the ground.

Soon, the physical therapist came out, and Solozano was lying directly on the ground. He was surrounded by batters from the entire West Indies and Sri Lanka team. When the ambulance rushed to the sidelines, the 26-year-old player was then taken off the court.

This is the video:

“Injury update, the police car revolving lights debuted, Jeremy Solozano was taken off the field on a stretcher after his helmet was hit while defending. He has been sent to the hospital for a scan. We hope to recover soon,” The West Indies Cricket was posted on Twitter while sharing the update.

Meanwhile, Sri Lanka scored 61/0 in 27 games in the first quarter. Pathum Nisanka (25 not out) and Captain Karunaratne (32 not out) are in the middle.

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