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Shreyas Iyer and Green Park-a perfect match

Shreyas Iyer has a good old relationship with Green Park Stadium.

On Thursday morning, Kanpur’s iconic cricket ground held a test match five years later, which also marked Iyer’s test debut. The 26-year-old player took full advantage of this opportunity to remain unbeaten with 75 points, as India ended the day’s four games with 258 points.

Facing a strong New Zealand bowling lineup, Iyer has courage, aggressiveness and talent.

With Iyer forming a partnership with Ajinkya Rahane and later with Ravindra Jadeja, this reminds me of an afternoon in December 2014, where he helped Mumbai bounce back in the Lanji Trophy against Uttar Pradesh. He fought Shardul Thakur to turn the situation around.

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This is Al’s first season, and Mumbai suffered a defeat against Jammu and Kashmir in the earlier game. Coming to Kanpur, in response to UP’s 206, Mumbai trailed by 8 points with a score of 173. After that, Iyer’s 75 points and Thakur’s 87 points helped the team gain ground.

That game played a key role in Al’s career. He was selected for the Indian team in 2017, but he had to wait for the test ceiling.

When Iyer played against the New Zealand bowlers on Thursday, it was also an exciting time for his coach Praveen Amre.A generation

Interestingly, Amre was the coach of Mumbai in 2014 and was part of that game. “The result was a happy ending, but the process was not that easy. In 2014, Shreyas played that game in Kanpur after a poor performance in Mumbai (unforgettable debut). Now, he is playing nearly two years later. Cricket. But it’s nice to see him hit the ball. In both matches, his contribution was huge,” Amre told athletic star.

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“Also in 2014, he came to Kanpur, and he knew that if he missed the opportunity there, he might not have another chance. This time, if Virat (Kohli) can participate in the test, he might not appear in Side. So he knows how important this opportunity is to him,” said former Indian international Amre.

With Corley returning to Mumbai for the second test, the team management will definitely make some difficult decisions, and Amre believes that “this gives the team management a headache.”

“It’s always good to have a good batsman by your side. But you also need a senior player. Shreyas did everything in his hands,” Amre said.

The past few months have been challenging for Al. He underwent shoulder surgery after being injured in a limited series against England in March this year. As a result, he had to miss most of the season.

“For any cricket player, the surgery and recovery phase are the most painful. Not only physical pain, but also mental pain. What’s worse for Shreyas is that he was in the last one. Scored in the game for half a century, and it seemed to feel good in the hand, that was when he was injured. After the operation, even he himself didn’t know what to do or how to overcome.” Amre recalled.

While following the instructions of the National Cricket Academy’s doctors and physical therapists, Al slowly began training with Amre at the Bandera Korla complex of the Bombay Cricket Association. “We know that September 19 is the first game of the IPL, so we started playing in BKC two months in advance. Even if it rains, we are training indoors. His workload management is very important. As a coach, even me You must also be careful. We planned these courses together with physical therapists and trainers,” Amre said.

When Iyer returned to the IPL in the capital of Delhi and won the best candidate in the second game, the hard work paid off. Although he is not a member of the T20 World Cup, Al and Amre had a long discussion before joining the Indian team bubble to participate in the test series against New Zealand.

“The biggest challenge was that he played red ball cricket for the last time in 2019. Then it was COVID, and he was also injured. But he worked very hard. He knew how he was waiting for this opportunity. He joined the team in 2017 and for this reason Waited for four years. For any player, playing cricket is a dream.”

Although the conditions were challenging for the batsman, Iyer’s test debut was memorable. “The situation is different, the ball didn’t hit the bat. The wicket was low and slow, but he applied well (and executed the plan) and continued to build partnerships with Rahane and Jadeja,” Amre said.

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