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Short-term pain provides a glimmer of hope for the injuries of Keith and the nurse of the oiler

It would be an understatement to say that the Edmonton Oilers did not have their three regular left-side defenders against the Arizona Coyotes on Wednesday night. When the top defensive player fell, it was bad enough. To make matters worse, when your second pair of blueliners were allocated the playing time left by the first absence, they failed after a few games.

In summary, there are some positive news that can be obtained from the news Darnell Nurse My finger was broken, Duncan Keith With an upper body injury sidelined, Slater Koekkoek injured his lower body on IR.

It is said that the injury is not serious

Despite the broken finger, the nurse’s injury did not require surgery. This means that he is expected to be out for only a few weeks, and considering how bad the news may be, the number of games he missed will be very small.The same is true for Keith who was included in the list Oiler official website As a daily. The severity of Slater Koekkoek’s injury is not well documented, but the Oilers players can fill the vacancy when he is away.

Coach Tip said that Dunken Keith will be absent from tonight’s game in Arizona, and his upper body injury is considered daily. William Lagson will come in. #LetsGoOilers

Remember, Keith’s injury may not be judged serious, but because of his age, it’s still a question mark, all of which could be worse, and the Oilers have accumulated a lot of points at the beginning of the season. This gives them some cushion, don’t panic, and know that they will still make the playoffs, even if they lose a bit in a row.

This is an opportunity for young people and depth

When you are forced to use your depth and rookies as the top three choices, if you are head coach Dave Tippet and general manager Ken Holland, all you can do is hope your young and veteran will stand up .In this case, the oiler will need Chris Russell Higher than his weight class, let Philip Broberg prove that he is ready, which is much earlier than the oilers asked him to take on a larger role.​​​ Of course it is possible that they all performed well.

Philip Broberg Oilers Draft
Philip Broberg, Edmonton Oilers, 2019 NHL Draft (Amy Owen / Hockey writer

Broberg performed well in these two games and led the Oilers in the game against the Stars on Tuesday night. Although feeding him to the NHL’s best players every night is not ideal, there is no better way to determine whether he will sink or swim. Russell can play more playing time. This is not what you often want, but he is a reliable shot blocker with 888 NHL games on his resume.

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The Oilers will ask William Ragson to stand up, and they may be forced to turn to players like Dmitry Samorukov. Ragson played some NHL games, and Samorukov looked good when he was healthy. Can every player complete the mission? It is fair to assume that they can, unless proven otherwise.

One of the key points here is that the others on the roster help them defend more than in the past. For the Oilers, fighting through this window without the top three left options requires team effort and the help of forwards to reduce the chance of confrontation. This is also a good lesson that can be learned at the beginning of the season.

Holland now knows what he needs

Even if Keith missed one or two games and the nurse will be back in a few weeks, the Netherlands should know that the left side needs to be resolved before the playoffs. There is no better way to force GM to look at what is missing than to take away what you have.

Darnell Nurse Edmonton Oiler
Nurse Darnell, Edmonton Oiler (Jess Starr/Hockey writer)

Keith plays well, but if he plays too much time, how healthy he will stay is a legitimate concern. Injured in a typical D-to-D pass scream, realizing that this player may be injured at any time. The nurse has always been very good, but he played so many minutes, there is a potential question, what will happen if he can not play as much as now. Losing Koekkoek is not a big problem, until, of course, you lose your plan A and plan B.

Obviously, even in healthy situations, the left side of this oily blue line needs an extra body. If these injuries tell the Netherlands and the Oilers anything, it’s that they should probably start looking around the league and make a list of players they should target in the coming months. It is useful to have this knowledge now.

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