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Senegal and Morocco advance to World Cup playoffs

After Famara Diedhiou’s hat-trick beat Namibia 3-1 on Tuesday, Senegal became the first team to enter the African World Cup finals.

Morocco followed closely behind, beating Guinea 4-1 in the third game in 7 days. Ayoub el-Kaabi scored his fourth goal for Morocco in three games.

Sadio Mane provided crosses for Diedhiou’s first and third goals at the Orlando Stadium in South Africa. Senegal’s fourth victory in four matches ensured the top spot in Group H, with two more matches to play. .

It won Senegal a place in the decisive playoffs in March, which will determine the five African teams at the Qatar World Cup at the end of next year.

Not far from Johannesburg, South Africa beat Ethiopia 1-0, cheering the returning fans and giving Bafana Bafana a lead in the promotion from Group G to Ghana. Only 10 group winners can enter the playoffs.

South Africa allows 2,000 supporters to participate in the FNB Stadium-although in a 94,000-seat stadium, this seems to be one of the few.

This is the first time that the country has allowed spectators to participate in any major sporting event since the beginning of the pandemic. Thanks to Getane Kebedeh’s early own goals, South Africa won because he cut the attempt to clear the ball into his own net.

After beating Zimbabwe for the second time in four days, Ghana is only one point behind South Africa. Thomas Patty’s 31-minute free kick flew over goalkeeper Talbot Shuba’s hand, who did cover his face with his hand. Ghana won 1-0.

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This allowed the new coach Milovan Rajvac to win for the second time in a row, starting his second game in Ghana. When Ghana reached the quarter-finals of the 2010 World Cup, Rajvac was the coach, and this was the last African team to do so.

The group is now between South Africa and Ghana-Ethiopia and Zimbabwe are not competing-they will meet in the final round next month. Morocco is on par with Senegal by playing two games in the first group.

The Moroccans and Guineans had to play one more game in this international window to make up for the game that was postponed due to the Guinea coup last month. El-Kaabi showed no signs of fatigue to keep him on base in front of the goal.

Also expected to enter the playoffs is the African champion Algeria, who defeated Niger 4-0 on Tuesday and the same team 6-1 last week.

When Niger hit the post in the 10th minute, Algeria got an early wake. After 10 minutes, Riyad Mahrez swept from Baghdad Bounedjah, giving Algeria the lead. Riyad Mahrez gave back his help and placed Bounedjah in the first place. Four.

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During this period, Isa Mandy and Ismail Benaser also hit the target. Algeria scored four goals in 34 minutes-two goals before the intermission and consecutive goals after the intermission. Two goals.

Algeria scored 19 goals in four games, but tied with Burkina Faso for the top spot in Group A. The two teams both won three games and drew 1-1 when they met last month, and will have a group tiebreaker in Algeria next month.

It would be a big surprise if Algeria fails to pass. Tunisia, Nigeria, Côte d’Ivoire, Mali and Egypt are all at the top of the group and are making progress. Tanzania, who has never participated in the World Cup, has a narrow lead over Benin in the number of goals, and Benin has never participated in a football match.

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