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“Safety first”: response to New Zealand’s abandonment of the Pakistan series

new Zealand Abandoned the limited series in Pakistan After receiving a security alert on Friday. The following is the reaction to the abandonment of tourism:

Pakistan Cricket (PCB)

“PCB is willing to continue the original game. However, cricket enthusiasts in Pakistan and around the world will be disappointed with this last-minute withdrawal.”

David White, CEO of New Zealand Cricket Team

“I know this is a blow to PCB. They have always been excellent hosts, but player safety is the most important thing. We believe this is the only responsible choice.”

RAMIZ RAJA, Chairman of PCB

“This is a crazy day! So sorry for the fans and our players,” Raja wrote Twitter.

“It is very frustrating to withdraw from the tour through a unilateral approach to security threats. Especially when it is not shared! In what world does New Zealand live? New Zealand will hear us at the ICC.”

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern

“When I talked to the Prime Minister of Pakistan, I expressed our gratitude to the New Zealand cricket team for their care,” Arden said in a statement sent to the New Zealand cricket team. Reuters.

“I know how disappointing it is for everyone that the game did not continue, but we fully support the decision that has been made. The safety of the players must be the most important.”

England Cricket Team (ECB)

A spokesperson for the European Central Bank said: “We are aware that New Zealand has decided to withdraw from the Pakistan trip due to a security alert.”

“We are in contact with our security team on the ground in Pakistan to fully understand the situation. The ECB Board of Directors will decide within the next 24-48 hours whether our planned trip (next month) should continue.”

Former England captain Michael Vaughan

“It’s a shame for Pakistani cricket. These late cancellations will cause huge economic losses to the game. I hope that the safety issue can be resolved and cricket can be played in Pakistan again,” Vaughan wrote Twitter.

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Former Australian fast bowler Jason Gillespie

“The New Zealand cricket team will not easily decide to end their trip to Pakistan-they have shown time and time again that they are willing to do their part to promote and play our great game, so I think criticism is wrong. Gillespie wrote Twitter.

“However, we are all disappointed with Pakistani cricket, its players and supporters. A great cricket country that has been deprived of consistently top cricket for a long time. Hope the situation in this country can quickly improve!”

Pakistan Captain Babar Azam

“I’m very disappointed with the sudden postponement of the series, which could have regained the smiles of millions of Pakistani cricket fans,” Azam wrote Twitter.

“I fully believe in the capabilities and credibility of our security agencies. They are our pride and will always be!”


“It’s heartbreaking. The Pakistanis like cricket very much and we worked very hard to bring cricket back here,” he wrote Twitter.

“The PSL (Pakistan Premier League) and other teams visiting Pakistan are a testament to our hospitality and safety arrangements. We will continue to work hard.”

Pakistani batsman FAKHAR ZAMAN

“The security situation in Pakistan is very good and satisfactory. The New Zealand team has received extraordinary security guarantees,” he wrote. Twitter.

“After full assurance and satisfaction, it is really sad to call on New Zealand to withdraw from the series at the last minute.”

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