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Sabres used to focus on looking forward to the future with Eichel

Charles Leclerc-USA Today Sports

Buffalo, New York (AP) – The Buffalo Sabres had just completed a pre-game meeting. When the coach left the room, veteran Kyle Okposo was shocked by what he noticed.

Most players did not part ways, but insisted on chatting. Without reference to the past, Okposo clearly pointed out the current-after Jack Eichel-the composition of Sabres and the ongoing connection between a group of developing young people and skilled workers.

“We all really like being with each other. When you are in the NHL, this is a very special thing because it doesn’t happen anywhere,” Okposo said.

At that moment, he reminded him of his youth hockey era. Teammates always went out to play together, playing mini sticks in the corridors of the arena.

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