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Sabres’ Owen Power clarifies the decision to return to the NCAA

Soon after the Buffalo Sabres selected the best defensive rookie Irving Ball as the first overall pick in the 2021 NHL Draft, the general manager Kevin Adams An introductory FaceTime call was made to a native of Mississauga, Ontario. “Who is behind you?” Adams asked. A quick pan shows not one or two, but a whole group of family members who are loudly supported through the iPhone speakers.

“Mississauga is not far from Buffalo,” Adams said. “We hope to see a lot of Power jerseys in the stands.” You can watch the interaction below as it forms part of the “Saber: Embedded” trailer, a new series that debuted on the team’s YouTube channel on Thursday .

As most Sabres fans now know, they will have to wait at least another year to see the Power jersey on ice. This is not necessarily a bad thing. Power recently spoke Evan Marinofsky from clarified why he decided to return to school this fall.

Sabre will benefit from more development of power

Among the reasons he gave, there are two highlights: the chance to win a national championship and the chance to get a full college hockey experience in the crowd. The third he did not mention may be the opportunity to play with the Canadian team at the IIHF World Junior Hockey Championship.

It is not clear what happened this year. COVID-19 cases Continue to rise in Michigan, But as of now, the number of people participating in school football matches in The Big House is full, and it is not mandatory to wear masks in the seat bowl.

Irving Ball of Michigan Wolverines
Owen Power Michigan Wolverines (Photo from Michigan Photography)

The environment of college hockey is different from other amateur leagues, and Power has all the reasons in the world to be excited about participating in it.But from a hockey perspective, the Sabres also never fail Since then, their crown jewel prospects have gained confidence in a special team. After all, winning can always cultivate confidence and simplify player development.

Bauer told Marinovsky that there is still a year of development, and he hopes to continue to get better. He also felt that last year made him want it a little. “I think we didn’t really experience playing hockey in Michigan last year,” he said. “I think it has something to do with COVID and everything that comes with it. I think [also] Come back for another year, try to win the national championship, and use this extra year to make my development leap again. “

Power has always tended to return to NCAA

As always June report, Power has leaned toward this decision. Some followers mistakenly used this as evidence that he didn’t want to play with the Sabres, but Ball put these concerns aside, saying: “It’s really great in a team game so close to his home.” Interview with TSN.

After some time in the draft, he has actually decided what to do this year. “I talked to Buffalo, and I also talked to my consultant about this. I don’t know the exact date, but I know it will take a while to finalize this decision,” he told Marinovsky.

He has high expectations for what he and his teammates can achieve in the coming months. “I think for us [it’s] National champion. This is the most important thing. For me, I have to continue to improve and get better every day.

“You will hear all the noise from the outside world and talk about our team, but I think together with the people in the dressing room, we have done a good job canceling games, focusing only on ourselves and worrying about becoming a team. Better and as individuals every day. In the end, I hope we can fight for the championship.”

When the Sabres are hovering in this NHL season, they have less and less expectation of immediate success, and focus more on next year and the next year; their future No. 1. The kind of guards that should get in the sophomore season Experience should prove invaluable.

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