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In today’s NHL rumors, the Arizona Coyotes have signed Alex Galceniuk to participate in the professional trials, while the Detroit Red Wings played the same game with Bobby Ryan. At the same time, Buffalo has the latest news about Jack Eichel’s status. Jonathan Drew talked about his decision to leave the Montreal Canadiens last season. The Philadelphia Flyers also received major injuries.

Sabres and Eichel are ready to deal with the situation?

According to reports Darren Dreg In TSN, there was no consensus among doctors specific to disc replacement that Eichel saw on the West Coast. Sabre’s position in fusion surgery is still very strong, which may lead to a long time away from the team and the NHL.

There is a real feeling that Eichel will not be able to start the season, and it is completely unclear where this will go or how to find a solution.

Coyotes signs Galchenyuk to the PTO

According to Pierre LeBrun of The Athletic, The Coyotes have signed Alex Galchenyuk to the PTO. Since the announcement, social media has been flooded with reactions, and people wonder why he has not signed a contract with the team this offseason or was able to choose from many PTO invitations.

Alex Galchenyuk has signed a PTO with Coyotes. Yes, I am back to work. The hockey season is coming!

During his short time in Toronto, Galceniuk has performed consistently (12 points in 26 games). Nevertheless, since he is one of the NHL players who have traveled the most in the past few seasons, his inconsistency may be a problem that keeps the team away. Returning to Arizona may be about playing time, chances, and returning to the team where he has the most consistent success. He became a member of the team in the 2018-19 season, scoring 19 goals and 41 points that year. If he can reproduce that season, perhaps his NHL career will continue.

Drouin talks about why he left the NHL

In an exclusive interview with RDS and TVA Sports, the 26-year-old forward Jonathan Drouin confessed to the anxiety and insomnia that had been part of his life for years, and eventually forced him to leave the NHL last season. He pointed out that he was ready to return and wanted to enjoy the game.

Jonathan Druin, Montreal Canadiens
Montreal Canadiens Jonathan Druin (Canadian Media/Graham Hughes)

Drouin explained that he hit a wall last season because of anxiety and insomnia, he was unwell. He added:

“I played for a few years and didn’t really know what it was. Even in my first few years, when I was dealing with my anxiety, it was difficult for me to talk about it and get help. I’m not even sure about the problem. What is it or did not recognize it. But last year, it clicked, and I went to ask for help and some people to support me.”

Drouin said the pandemic had an impact on him and his anxiety. He has no energy to play hockey, no physical strength, and bad spirits. He knew in July that he wanted to come back, and said that he had only the support of Canadians.

The flyer announced some injuries

In terms of injuries, the Philadelphia Flyers didn’t have a smooth start. The training camp has not even started. Kevin Hayes is absent six to eight weeks after abdominal surgery, Samuel Morin is absent six to eight weeks after knee surgery, and Wade Allison and Zaid are absent. · Westdom and Cooper Zech are also injured and will miss time.

Hayes is not expected to return before November 2, which means he will miss at least the first ten games of the regular season.

Rinaldo is not welcome to the blue jacket training camp

Aaron Portzline of The Athletic It is worth noting that a source close to Zac Rinaldo told The Athletic that the Columbus Blue Jackets made it clear to Rinaldo that he was not welcome in the training camp. Everyone is waiting for explanation from the club. It is unclear whether this is related to Ronaldo’s appearance at a PPC rally in Canada, where he commented on the vaccination. He said: “I am not against vax, I am not against masks. I am for choice.”

Portzline added: “When General Manager Jarmo Kekalainen and hockey operations staff speak to the media, the club will explain in a few minutes.”

Red Wings signs Bobby Ryan into the PTO

As a veteran forward, the Red Wings will rejuvenate Bobby Ryan this season Signed PTOPart of the reason the Red Wings may not sign him this offseason is that Ryan can only play 33 games due to injury. He played well in these 33 games (7 goals and 14 points), but there may be concerns about his future reliability.

For Ryan, if he performs well in trial training, he may attract the attention of another team, although he said he likes Detroit, this may be his ultimate goal.

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