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SA vs IND: Rahul Dravid provides the latest information about Virat Kohli’s availability for Cape Town testing

India Facing seven defeats in the second test South Africa At Rangers on Thursday, January 6.

Captain of south africa Dean Elgar In 240 chases, Willow shined, unbeaten in 96 games out of 188 goals, and provided motivation for his team Win the series in five games.

In the second test, Rahul, Kuala Lumpur Lead India without a regular captain Willard Kolly, Because of back spasm did not play the game.

However, the head coach of the Indian team Rahul Dravid Hope to see Kohli return and take part in the third and final test scheduled to be held in Cape Town from January 11th to 15th.

“From all angles, Verat Colley should be fine, he should be fine. He has a chance to run around, he has a chance to test it.

“I hope to participate in a few net games in Cape Town. He should be very happy. All I heard is just chatting with him. He should leave in four days.” Dravid said at a virtual press conference.

When asked what he thinks of India’s batting performance in the series so far, the cricketer-born coach said: “This is a challenge for both teams. South Africa’s fourth game may be their best batsman. Yes, as a batting unit, we can seize some key moments when we build In partnership, we can seek to extend their time. The first game was challenging, but we could have run 55-60 more times, which could have a huge impact.”

“Of course, we want to hit the ball better. Maybe those who started can turn them into 100s. This is the difference in the first game. We let Rahul score for us for a century, and we finally made it. Victory. Dean Elgar scored 96 points in this test and South Africa finally won.” He added.

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