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Ronaldo is under fire after Manchester United star accuses Solskjaer of being fired

Ronaldo was severely criticized at Manchester United

After Manchester United parted ways with Solskjaer after an embarrassing 4-1 loss to Watford last weekend, Manchester United did not have proper leadership on the touchline at Old Trafford, but star striker Cristiano Ronaldo is now under fire for his obvious role. The Norwegian has failed to perform his duties.

Former Arsenal Idol Recently preached on his Sky Sports Expert Forum, He set his sights on the Portuguese legend and claimed that Manchester United will not automatically become a better team after signing Ronaldo, but the former Real Madrid and Juventus striker is Solskjaer. One of the reasons for unemployment now.

“I feel sorry for Ole Gunnar Solskjær. He had a plan at the beginning of the season and he won second place last season. You can see his plan: You play Cavani every other game with Sancho on the side. , On the other side there is Marcus Rashford, and Mason Greenwood comes in. You have speed, strength, energy, youth, skill, etc. Then, just before the start of the season, he got Ronaldo.

From day one, they have not been a better team with Ronaldo. For Solskjær, all this is snowballing. He has a plan, and then just before the start of the season, Ronaldo’s situation will leave everything behind. They went to him only because they heard that Manchester City was chasing him. This is not like Manchester United calling Juventus to ask if he is free, because Ronaldo is the missing link for Manchester United to win the Premier League. He is not! “

Of course, it’s hard to tell if it’s Cristiano Ronaldo This was the sole reason for Solskjær’s unemployment, but after Manchester United bought Jadon Sancho from the German giants Dortmund, the unexpected move achieved by the Portuguese star seemed to run counter to the club’s goal of building its forward line.

The potential long-term top three will include Sancho, Greenwood and Rashford, and Bruno Fernandez, as the creative fulcrum at the core of the offense, will provide-as Merson mentioned-a balanced and young offense, but also There is room for growth. But does the acquisition of Ronaldo have to force the narrative away from long-term prospects? Of course, this decision belongs to Solskjær, unless Manchester United’s senior management has different instructions to pass it to the Old Trafford sideline.

Will Pochettino face the same problem?

But with Solskjær not in Manchester United now, the band must continue to play until a new boss is appointed; this may be earlier than some people expected.

No secrets around The Red Devils hope to bring Mauricio Pochettino back to the Premier LeagueBut this may be their best opportunity to take such action, because there are rumors that the Argentine is open to Manchester United’s management vacancy on the issue of the French team Paris Saint-Germain.

Paris, France-January 3: The newly appointed head coach Mauricio Pochettino at the Paris Saint-Germain training class at the Ooredoo Center in Paris, France, on January 3, 2021 respond. (Photo by Aurelien Meunier-PSG/PSG via Getty Images)

However, the bigger question remains whether Pochettino will have similar problems with Ronaldo, like the struggle he experienced with Harry Kane in his final season at Tottenham Hotspur before flying to Paris. .

in a Forbes Article written two years ago Graham Ruthven, When the England international was under the command of Pochettino in 2019, Kane also received similar criticism;

“Looking for an explanation for their swollen form, but Pochettino still seems to have not found the answer. The Argentine had previously regretted the lack of investment in his team and the speculation about Christian Eriksson and his future at the club. Harry Kane is also worthy of being a target.

Despite being the Spurs’ best scorer, best player and spiritual leader, Kane has managed to avoid criticism so far. This is largely due to his still impressive scoring record early in the season. In fact, although Tottenham Hotspur has been struggling, Kane’s statistics have remained high, scoring 6 goals in 11 Premier League games this season and 4 in the Champions League. Four out of four, his data has reached double digits.

Nevertheless, Kane is the main source of Tottenham Hotspur’s current problems. This 26-year-old young man often feels guilty for trying too much. It is admirable that Kane feels so personally responsible for the team’s recent struggles, but his extra effort will only further hinder the Spurs.

Through squats and drifts, Kane is hindering Tottenham Hotspur’s play in the third offensive zone. Dele Alli, Heung-min Son, Lucas Moura and even players like Tanguy Ndombele were killed by the Spurs’ No. 10 player. He denied that they had the opportunity to help him, so although Kane may keep his goal count high, his adverse effect is that the impact on other members of his team far exceeds this. “

Does anyone sound familiar?

Therefore, it can be assumed that if Manchester United did trigger the cost of prying Pochettino from PSG before his contract expires, then Cristiano Ronaldo is entirely likely to conflict with the expectations in the Argentine manager’s tactical diagram.

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