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Rice added Lampard to West Ham United’s record book after scoring in the Europa League clash with Dinamo Zagreb

The England international made history by scoring his sixth goal in all games at Maximir Stadium

Declan Rice joined Frank Lampard after scoring a goal in the Europa League clash between West Ham United and Dinamo Zagreb.

The Hammers went to Stadion Maksimir on Thursday night to participate in their first game in Group H. They finished sixth in the Premier League last season, thus winning their place in the Europa League.

Mikhail Antonio scored early in the first half to make David Moyes’s team a victory. Rice achieved a comfortable 2-0 victory with outstanding solo efforts, which also allowed him to Entered the West Ham United Hall of Fame.

Rice’s iconic strike

In the 50th minute of the game, Rice intercepted a loose pass in his own half and started to kick the ball into the opponent’s penalty area while demonstrating his impressive close-range control and balance.

The England international defeated two defenders and then a low shot through the Dinamo Zagreb goalkeeper’s leg, becoming the youngest striker of the Hamers team in Europe since Frank Lampard more than 20 years ago. .

Lampard scored a goal in the 1999-20 UEFA Cup against Osijek. He was 22 years old and 88 days old. Rice was only 157 days older than Rice when he broke the ducks in the European competition.