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Revisit the players who left the Golden Cavaliers in the 2020-21 season

So far, the difficult 2021-22 season for the Vegas Golden Cavaliers has been largely absent. Many lineup regulars, including Mark Stone, Max Pacioretti, William Carlson and Zach Whiteyun, missed a lot of time due to injuries, and many are still absent.Even the club’s blockbuster deal with Jack Eichel can’t escape the ominous injury reminder, the former Sabres star There are still a few months to return Neck surgery after ice.

However, as the Golden Cavaliers continued to work hard to maintain stability despite an unbalanced 11-8-0 start, they are currently outside of the playoffs in the Pacific Division, so they also felt the lack of some significant departure a year ago. depth. Of course, Vegas also has its own rookie, but Nolan Patrick is also among the injured, while Yevgeny Dadonov and Brett Gauden have encountered difficulties in dealing with the challenges of larger roles in the lineup.

Players like Chandler Stephenson and Nicholas Roy are doing all they can to keep the Golden Cavaliers competitive, but guys, it would be nice to get some of the Red Gold team’s casualties back. With this in mind, let’s take a look at some key off-season departures and their performance in their new home.

Marc-Andre Fleury

Do not, Marc-Andre Fleury Will never help solve Vegas’ depth problems in advance, but how can you not start with the defending champion? Franchising cornerstone In the first four years of the club’s establishment?

To be fair, the organization has not yet felt the full impact of Fleury’s departure. Robin Lehner is in good health (!!!) and was very good in his first year, firmly occupying the first position in the Golden Cavaliers’ net. Although his average goal count of 3.01 goals may need some adjustments, the 30-year-old still maintains a save rate of 0.913 while also facing the league’s highest 503 shots. The Swede also spoke for his former partner as a respected voice of encouragement in the room.

The way our team fought during this period was impressive. Stay in the game. Fans, you are helping us to keep it up ❤️ Create a good atmosphere again today. 🐼

As far as he is concerned, although the situation is improving, Fleury has not fully become the backbone of Chicago’s stability. After a nightmare start, the soon-to-be 37-year-old player has lost seven of his first eight games for the Blackhawks. Huahua has won four consecutive games, including in Vancouver. Of 40 saves. Earlier this month, he also responded to the humiliating performance of his former Penguin teammate with 42 saves (in just 11 minutes before being pulled down, 10 shots and 4 goals).

Ryan Reeves

Fourteen games entered his new chapter on Broadway, Ryan Reeves Is bringing to the New York Rangers what the Golden Cavaliers know.He didn’t score (only one assist so far) or played too much (9 minutes and 58 seconds per game), but he still managed Inject a certain swagger Through his charm, not to mention that for a team that was at the mercy of Tom Wilson last season, it was an important intimidation factor.

Ryan Reeves Vegas Golden Knights
The former Golden Knight is dead, but not forgotten in Vegas (Amy Owen / Hockey writer)

So far, Reeves has only played one game—— A unilateral injury Montreal Canadiens forward Michael Pezeta-and just 11 minutes of free throw time. Nevertheless, the appearance of the 34-year-old player has had a considerable impact on the ice, helping the Blue Shirts to separate the game with an 11-4-3 ratio this year.

Vegas can never prove to bear his $1.75 million cap in less than 10 minutes with Reeves. But this does not mean that fans will not be grateful for a player who is known for providing the team with value that does not necessarily appear on the scoresheet.

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Cody Glass

The early returns of the fascinating “environmental change” trade last summer, seeing Vegas’ Cody Glass and Philadelphia’s Patrick swapping the top ten picks for a career reset, made them feel… unremarkable. strange.Patrick is nursing an undisclosed injury that left him in only four games, while Glass ended in Nashville, where he only saw action in two NHL games with the Predators Be returned to minors.

Admiral Cody Glass Milwaukee
Cody Glass (left) is ready to face off as Admiral of Milwaukee.
(Photo courtesy of Admiral Milwaukee)

At this point, no one gets what they want from this deal. Oops, even Ryan Ellis, who was sent by the predators to land on the Flyers and landed on Glass, was hurt throughout the season. However, while Nashville would definitely prefer to see the 22-year-old former Golden Knight appear in the NHL, his 11 assists in 13 games with the AHL’s Milwaukee Admiral showed that while Patrick was still doing nothing, He is honing his offensive ability. On the sidelines.

Thomas Nosec

There is no place on the ice that is more affected by Vegas injuries than the middle. Eichel has not yet made his debut, Karlsson and Patrick are still sidelined, Peyton Krebs is sent to Buffalo, forcing Chandler Stephenson to become the number one character, and Nicolas Roy with Reilly Smith and Jonathan Marchessault to push the offense.It would be nice to have it Thomas Nosec Back.

Thomas Nosec, Boston Bruins
Tomas Nosek, the free agent signer of the Boston Bruins in 2021Amy Owen / Hockey writer)

Nosek joined the Boston Bruins as a free agent, where he steadily entered the bottom six with another former Cavaliers Eric Howrah. His two goals and four points did not jump off the page, but he brought a reliable two-way game. In addition, he still represents an upgrade from the bottom six midrange players Adam Brooks and Jacques Hissing.

Apart from what we saw in Krebs and Alex Tucci in Buffalo, Vegas hasn’t lost any key personnel since the end of last season. Nevertheless, the grass on the other side is always greener, and it is understandable that some Golden Cavaliers fans may be eager to see one-time contributors that are now suitable for other organizations. This is a permanent part of the sport, but it may sting a bit now.

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Deep down, I may be a fan of Leafs (as an employee of Scotiabank Arena, I have witnessed their ups and downs), but I am also a senior freelance sports writer who likes good stories. In the past few years, there has been no better hockey story than the Vegas Golden Cavaliers. I’m very happy to report on the NHL again in the Golden Cavaliers’ beat.

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