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“Respected” Cummins prepares to serve as captain of Australia-Gilchrist

Former captain Adam Gilchrist has said that Pat Cummins should first shoot at Australia’s test captain after Tim Paine’s resignation because he won the respect of his teammates as a leader.

After Paine stepped down in a sensational manner due to the “sexy texting” scandal last week, Australia will appoint a new captain to welcome the ashes. Goalkeeper and batsman Gilchrist is a successful substitute for captains Steve Waugh and Ricky Ponting, leading Australia in 6 of his 96 tests, including 2004 The first series victory in India in 35 years during the annual tour.

‘Front runner’

“I think Pat Cummins is the front runner there. I have no problem with him having the first chance,” the 50-year-old told Reuters.

“If he is keen to do this, they should have him-and given that he is the deputy captain, he must be happy to take up this role.”

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Like other major cricket countries, Australia has been reluctant to appoint bowlers as captains, most of whom come from the batting team. Since Ray Lindwall took the lead in a test against India in the mid-1950s, Cummins will become the second professional fast bowler in the role.

“I see no reason to classify Pat as a fast bowler who can’t do it,” Gilchrist said.

“I think he has a lot of respect from everyone, really-especially his teammates, so I think this is how they will rely.”

“An indispensable part of the team”

Steve Smith was suspended for two years last year for his involvement in the 2018 Newlands ball tampering scandal. He is eligible to serve as captain and expressed his desire to hold the position again. However, experts are divided as to whether the public is ready to accept the position of batsman again, which is often referred to as Australia’s “second highest position on the land” after the prime minister.

Gilchrist said that 28-year-old Cummins has been promoted to senior leadership, while Smith has been banned from holding leadership positions.

“I just think Pat Cummins has developed into a more indispensable part of that team, and his understanding of the game and the experience he has has also grown,” he added.

“I think this is a situation, when you leave, to some extent, other people have surpassed you. Steve Smith is likely to be captain again, but Pat Cummins will be the person they rely on now.”

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