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Relive Wayne Gretzky’s time with the Los Angeles Kings

Wayne Gretzky The greatest player in the history of hockey. When people talk about him, they usually talk about his extraordinary skills, his achievements, or how he led the Edmonton Oilers team in the 1980s dynasty. His time with the Los Angeles Kings is usually not the first thing that comes to mind.


On August 9, 1988, something incredible happened.this Oilers Trade Gretzky To the Los Angeles Kings.The trades are Gretzky, Marty McSorely (D) and Mike Krushelnski (C/LW) for Jimmy Carson (C), Martin Greenus (LW), the Kings’ 1989, 1991 and 1993 first-round draft picks, and $15 million in cash.

1988-89 season

Gretzky had an immediate impact in Los Angeles. In his first season with the Kings, he scored 54 goals (fourth in the league) and provided 114 assists (tied with Lemieux for first). In general, his 168 points ranked second in the league, enough for him to win the Hart Memorial Trophy.His outstanding performance helped Bernie Nichols (C/RW) The offense broke out, and the number of goals (70) and points (150) both set a career high.

Bernie Nichols (Photo by B Bennett/Getty Images)

Gretzky also got the King’s Legendary Time on Ice Luc Robier (LW) and Dave Taylor (RW) entered the playoffs in the 1988-89 season, and the Kings may succeed. In the first round, the fourth-seeded Kings defeated Gretzky’s old club Oilers in seven games. In the second round, the Calgary Flames swept Los Angeles for their first (and only) Stanley Cup. In the playoffs, he played alongside Nicholls and Chris Kontos (LW). He scored 22 points in 11 games, while Contos scored 9 goals and Nichols scored 16 points.

1989-90 season

Gretzky performed well in Los Angeles’ second season, scoring 142 points (40 goals and 102 assists) in 73 games alone. His 142 points and 102 assists led the league in their respective categories, which earned him the Art Rose Trophy.His most impressive achievement is breaking Godi How’s Score record on October 15, 1989 (from “The Greatest Gretzky”, The New York Times, October 15, 1989).

Although Nichols scored 75 points in 47 games, he was still traded this season, allowing Gretzky to play with Thomas Sandstrom (RW) and Tony Grantto (LW), the latter in Nichols was acquired in the transaction.

Wayne Gretzky Gordie Howe
After Gretz broke Howe’s career scoring record on October 15, 1989, Howe and Gretzky maintained their career scores (Photo: B Bennett/Getty Images)

In the first round of the playoffs, Los Angeles defeated Calgary in six games and eliminated the team that eliminated them in the previous three games. In the second round, the Kings were swept by the Oilers and they won their only Stanley Cup without Gretzky. The Great One scored 10 points in his 7 playoff games, and Granto and Sandstrom scored 9 points in 10 games.

1990-91 season

Gretzky scored 41 goals and assisted 122 times, scoring a total of 163 points. He has only 16 free throws this season, which allowed him to win Art Ross and Lady Byng trophies. His teammates are Granto and Sandstrom again, they are the “tough guys” of the team, both of whom have more than 100 minutes of free throw time. Sandstrom scored a career-high 89 points and Granto scored 64 points. The Kings defeated Vancouver in six games in the first round of the playoffs, but they lost again to Edmonton, and the Oilers defeated them in six games in the second round. Gretzky scored 15 points in 12 games.

1991-92 season

For the first time in his career, Gretzky scored less than 137 points. In the 1991-92 season, he had a league-leading 90 assists and 121 points. After just 34 minutes of free throws, he won the Mrs. Byrne trophy. His teammates include Sandstrom, Granto and Jari Kurri (RW), who were brought in by the Kings during the offseason. (From “Curry joins Gretzky as king”, Los Angeles Times, 05/31/1991).

On the trade deadline, the Los Angeles team acquired another Gretzky’s former teammate in the form of a three-team trade on the trade deadline. He is one of the greatest guards in history, Paul Coffey. (From “The King Looks for Kofi in Trade”, Los Angeles Times, 02/20/1992).

Jari Kurri Finland HHoF
Jari Kurri (photo courtesy of the Finnish Hockey Hall of Fame)

The Kings finished second at the Campbell Conference and met the No. 3 seed Oilers in the first round. Ironically, Nichols led the Oilers to victory over his old club, and he scored 13 points in a six-game series. Gretzky tied for the lead with Coffey and Robitaille with 7 points.

1992-93 season

The 1992-93 season can be said to be the most successful season for the Kings under Gretzky. Although they finished third at the Campbell Conference, the Kings have achieved good results in the playoffs. Gretzky has been with Robitaille and Kurri throughout the season; however, he has been injured for most of the season. In 45 games, he scored 65 points. Curry scored 87 points and Robitaye set a career high in goals (63), assists (62) and points (125).

Luc Robitaille Los Angeles Kings
Luc Robitaille (Photo by Bruce Bennett Studios via Getty Images Studios/Getty Images)

In the first round of the playoffs, Los Angeles played against Calgary. Their high-scoring offense led them through this series, and the Kings scored 9 goals in both the 5th and 6th games. Gretzky’s lineup dominated the series. After Joel Otto hit the ball, the Kings put Warren Ritchell (LW) and Thomas Sanderson (Tomas Sanderson) on his line. (From “Former Hawke Ritchell found home on Gretzky’s line”, Chicago Tribune, 05/23/1993). Gretzky, Rhychel and Sanderson were the three scorers in the series for the Kings.

In the second round, Los Angeles defeated the Vancouver Canucks in six games. Gretzky led the Kings with 13 points in this series and played with different players.

In the third round, Los Angeles met the Toronto Maple Leafs in seven classic games. The two teams split the first four games, and Toronto won the fifth game in overtime, leading 3-2. In the sixth game, the Kings won a controversial penalty. Gretzky high viscosity Doug Gilmour did not answer the call during overtime. A minute later, Gretzky scored the winning goal, forcing the seventh and final game. In the seventh game, Gretzky scored 3 goals and assists, leading the Kings to a 5-4 victory over the Leafs and entering the Stanley Cup final.

Patrick Roy and Wayne Gretzky
On June 7, 1993, Los Angeles, California, the fourth game of the Great Western Forum Stanley Cup final. (Photo: Scott Levy/Getty Images)

In the Stanley Cup final, the Kings’ luck ran out because they were defeated by the Montreal Canadiens in six games. Patrick Roy was unparalleled, with a save rate of 0.929 in the series, which was unheard of in the 1990s. Because of his efforts, he won the Conn Smythe trophy. Gretzky led the playoffs with goals (15) and points (40), and tied with Gilmour in assists (25).

Dark days, 1993-96

Gretzky’s last three seasons in Los Angeles were highlighted by team failures, and the Kings missed the playoffs in all these seasons. In the 1993-94 season, their record was 27-45-12. Nevertheless, Gretzky won the last Art Rose trophy of his career with 130 points and 92 assists leading the league. His 20-minute free throw also won him the Mrs. Byrne trophy. On March 23, 1994, he also scored his 802th goal, breaking Godi Howe’s scoring record. For most of the 1993-94 season, he was with Curry and Robitaye.

In the 1994-95 season, Gretzky scored 48 points in 48 games. Los Angeles set a 16-23-9 record in the shortened season of the lockout and missed the playoffs by one point. Gretz plays in the winger rotation for the basic season, but he usually plays with the winger. Former head coach of the Arizona Coyotes Rick Tocchet (RW) and Kurri.

The 1995-96 season was Gretzky’s last season in Los Angeles. He has spent most of this season playing with Dmitry Christic (RW) and rookie Vitali Yakhmenev (LW). Gretzky scored 81 points in 62 games against the Kings. On February 27, 1996, he was Trade to St. Louis Blues First-round picks, Roman Vopat, Craig Johnson, Patrice Tadif and 1996 fifth-round picks.

Gretzky’s time in Los Angeles is very important

Gretzky’s time in Los Angeles is mainly beneficial to the organization. After he traded with the Kings, ticket sales soared. When he was traded by the Kings, California also had two NHL franchises; the powerful Anaheim Ducks and the San Jose Sharks. He won numerous awards with the Kings and led them to the Stanley Cup final for the first time.Although his tenure in Los Angeles was not as successful as Edmonton, he was California and the United States, And achieved great personal success at the same time.

The statistics are Hockey Reference with Hockey Database

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