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Red Wing Wednesday Weekly: The sun is here

Welcome back to Red Wings Wednesday Weekly! In this weekly column, we will look at the Red Wings’ games in the last week, identify any outstanding players and/or trends, then look to the future and find out what might happen next week from Hockey City teams.As always, please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

this Detroit Red Wings After arduous road trips, including stops in Columbus, Dallas, Vegas, and Arizona, I finally got extended rest periods. It is an understatement to say that this is very much needed. The team did not win during the trip, only scored one point-lost to the Arizona Coyotes 4-13-2 in overtime.

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For the Red Wings, this was a disappointing game. They won four of the past five games and then returned to the away game on November 15. In three of these four games, they scored five goals and they led 17-8, but returned to the home scene against the St. Louis Blues and Buffalo Sabres.

Last week’s game-against the Coyotes and the Vegas Golden Cavaliers-had many shortcomings, and the team is facing another adversity this season. Can the Red Wing emerge from the storm and into a clearer sky? Let’s dive in.

Red Wings lost to the Golden Knights

11/18 Lost 5-2 in Vegas

The Red Wings were tough from the beginning, they fell behind 4-1 at the end of the second quarter. Giwani Smith Earlier in the second quarter, he completed the first game of the season, narrowing the Golden Cavaliers’ lead to 2-1, but Detroit eventually allowed the next three goals and eventually lost 5-2. .

Joe Veleno added a late goal at 18:34 of the third quarter, his second goal of the season.

What’s even more disappointing is that it happened after the 5-2 loss to the Dallas Stars. Thomas Grace scored 4 goals from 22 shots in two quarters, and Alex Nedelković stopped 9 goals from 10 shots after entering the third quarter.

Total score and Vegas: D-

The offense dried up in the desert

11/20 in Arizona, lost 2-1 (overtime)

Detroit ended its road trip to the Coyotes, which may be the team’s last game at the Gila River Arena.In some ways, the Red Wings are playing their past version because Arizona is in its first year “Scorched earth” reconstruction, And entered the game with only two victories that year.

After Dylan Larkin took a loose puck in the breakout and scored on Coyote goalkeeper Scott Wedgewood, things looked early, allowing Wings to 1- 0 leads. Lucas Raymond recorded an assist after cutting the puck on the center ice, bringing his rookie lead total to 19.

Unfortunately, this was a good ending for the Red Wings, as they lost a late goal in the third quarter before Clayton Keller of Arizona won in overtime. Head coach Jeff Brashir won a goal because of the goalkeeper interference challenge, but after a replay, the Detroit team lost for the fourth consecutive game.

It was a difficult defeat to end their road trip. After Keller’s goal, the frustrated Raymond slammed the crossbar with a stick. Now is the time for the team to regroup after a three-day break.

Final results and Arizona: D

3 points from last week

1. Dylan Larkin ushered in the rebound season

Larkin has received considerable criticism in the past few seasons, but whatever the critics have, they will soon disappear. His 16 points rank third in the team, and his 9 goals in 16 games this season match the total number of goals scored in more than 44 games last year. In addition, the Detroit captain has grown into the clear leader of the team and has effectively helped his teammates Tyler Bertucci and Raymond get off to a good start.

Dylan Larkin Detroit Red Wings
Dylan Larkin, Detroit Red Wings (Photo: Dave Reginek/NHLI via Getty Images)

The 25-year-old has scored in the past five games, including two two-point games. After a 23-point season a year ago, any doubts about him dissipated in the early stages of the 2021-22 season.

2. Lucas Raymond continues to impress

It is becoming various record-breaking, but the rookie forward of the Red Wings has had a season for many years. As mentioned earlier, his 19 points lead all rookies this season, ahead of teammate Moritz Said (13), New Jersey’s Dawson Mercer (12), and Anaheim’s Trevor Zegra (11) and Jonathan Darren of San Jose (9). His seven goals also lead all rookies.

Raymond provided an instant spark for the team that worked hard to score last season. Detroit’s 54 goals tied for 12th in the league. In contrast, the Red Wings ranked 30th in the league with 125 goals last season.

3. Game of Thrones is back on the bus of struggle

Since November 7th, the Red Wings have only used one powerful game opportunity. During that time, they made 1 of 13 shots. This is a disappointing departure from earlier this season, when the men’s superiority seemed to be working under the leadership of new special coach Alex Tanguay. In their defense, they still moved the puck well and created scoring opportunities, but they have not converted at all recently.

Said continues to look comfortable as a quarterback and always seems to make the right decision, passing, shooting or cycling. In other words, the team needs to focus more on finding the fairway, reduce hitting the body in front of the net, and finally find the rhythm.

Upcoming game

Against the St. Louis Blues (11/24, 7:30 PM Eastern Time)

Leading statistics (18 games):
Goals-Jordan Kairou (8)
Points-Kyrou (18)
Victory – Jordan Binnington (7)
SV%-Verhuso (.984)

Since starting the season 5-0-0, the Blues have significantly cooled down and have lost five of the past seven games. Jordan Binnington seems to be a feast or famine for St. Louis this season, so if the Red Wings can break through with a few early goals, they may be able to open the well-known floodgates.

Jordan Kirou Street Louise Bruce
Jordan Kailu had a good start to the season. (Jess Starr/Hockey writer)

The Blues used a balanced scoring offense in their 5-2 victory over the Vegas Golden Cavaliers on Monday, scoring goals from five different players on their way to victory. They are a well-balanced team that can truly share the puck when they click, so Detroit’s defense needs to be vigilant.

Against the Buffalo Sabres (11/27, 7:00pm EST)

Leading statistics (18 games):
Goal-Titch Thompson (8)
Points – Thompson (13)
Victory – Craig Anderson (4)
SV% – Anderson (.921)

The Sabres have lost 9 of their last 11 games, including a loss to the Red Wings in overtime on November 6. Saturday’s game will also be the second game of the Buffalo team’s back-to-back game, as the team will face Montreal at home on Friday night.

Although Craig Anderson leads in all statistical categories, he has not participated in a competition since November 2nd, and Mark as weekly go ahead. Until then, Dustin Tokalski and Aaron Dell will share the work between the pipelines, releasing average targets of 2.50 and 3.72 respectively.

At the Boston Bruins (November 30, 5:00 PM Eastern Time)

Leading statistics (15 games):
Goals-Brad Marchand (8)
Points-Merchant (20)
Victory – Jeremy Swieman (5)
SV%- Linus Ulmark and Swieman (tie, .908)

Although other teams cannot be ignored, the 9-6-0 Bruins are likely to be the biggest test for the Red Wings this week. Boston has not lost a game in the regular season, and most importantly, it has not lost more than two games in a row. They were eliminated 4-0 by Calgary on Sunday and played against the Sabres, New York Rangers and Vancouver Canucks before their date with Detroit on Tuesday night.

Brad Marchand Boston Bruins
Brad Marchand may once again cause problems for the Red Wings. (Jess Starr/Hockey writer)

Marchand leads the team in almost all statistical categories (including free throw time, surprise, surprise). At the time of writing, he has scored 5 points in the last five games, and with the help of stable goalkeepers from Linus Ulmark and Jeremy Sweeman, they are a difficult opponent to deal with.

Players to watch

Detroit will be very busy this week. For the Blues, Jordan Kairou Continue his wonderful performance. He hasn’t scored in the past two games, so he has some extra motivation to score this week. For Buffalo, Titch Thompson In his last two games he scored four points, including three goals. As for the Bruins, Brad Marchand 20 points are close to the top of the league, which does not include anyone with the last name Draisaitl, McDavid or Ovechkin.

As for the Red Wings, please pay attention Raymond See if he can continue his hot rookie scoring rhythm, but also pay attention Taylor BertuzSince he assisted in the game against the Columbus Blue Jackets on November 15th, he has not scored a point.

Final thoughts

The matter in Detroit is finally settled, and there have been three days of rest before tonight’s game against the Blues. For the rest of the week, they also have two days of rest between each game, so of course the team can’t use fatigue as an excuse. It will be interesting to see how they react. The Red Wings stopped their four-game losing streak earlier this season, but can they repeat it?

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Hardcore hockey fan in the desert and proud Iowa alumni. The Detroit Red Wings and the Arizona Coyote are contributors to hockey writers.

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