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Rangers fans call for Van Bronckhorst to break up with up to 5 players in January

After the loss of Hibbs, Rangers fans called on Van Bronckhorst to part ways with up to 5 players in JanuaryAfter the loss of Hibbs, Rangers fans called on Van Bronckhorst to part ways with up to 5 players in January

On Sunday, supporters of the Scottish giants Wanderers announced their numbers on social media, calling for major changes to the club after the loss to Hibernian.

Soprano Boyle

The new era of Glasgow’s blue half certainly began earlier tonight.

After Steven Gerrard left Aston Villa, the newly appointed Heat coach Giovanni Van Bronckhorst was tasked with a League Cup matchup with the aforementioned Hibbs. This is where he is on the club bench. Debut.

Moreover, when everything is said and completed in Hampton Park, Sunday’s action will only further highlight the true scale of Van Bronckhorst’s mission in Scotland.

A very worrying performance made the Rangers basically withdraw from the game at the end of halftime, because Martin Boyle’s hat trick laid the foundation for the final 3-1 Hibbs victory:

In turn, Jack Rose’s men will play the League Cup final with the Celtics in less than a month.

Goldson & Morelos requirements increase

However, in the Rangers, the investigation will now begin.

Despite occupying possession of the ball, Glasgow’s heavyweight team was disappointed in 90 minutes tonight. They worked hard to break the stubborn Hibernian defense while looking empty in the backcourt, especially in the central area.

Although it must of course be remembered that Sunday’s iconic new coach Van Bronckhorst took the helm for the first time, it is now clearer than ever that the Gers team needs to regroup seriously.

And, as mentioned above, it is these requirements that spread quickly on social media tonight, because the Rangers’ requirements moved a large number of key performers as early as January:

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