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Ramiz Raja will officially take over as chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Committee on Monday

Former Pakistan captain Ramiz Raja will officially take over as the new chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Committee (PCB) on Monday.

PCB announced on Saturday that a special meeting of the board of directors (BoG) had been held on Monday, and the PCB election commissioner judge (retired) Sheikh Azmat Saeed (Sheikh Azmat Saeed) presided over the election and presided over the special meeting.

Prime Minister Imran Khan, who is also the general patron of PCB, has nominated Ramiz and a senior bureaucrat, Assad Ali Khan, as new members of the BoG. Ramiz will be elected chairman, and it is a foregone conclusion to succeed Ehsan Mani, who completed his three-year term last month.

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PCB said that the new chairman will also hold a media conference at the National High Performance Center after the meeting.

Although Ramitz has not formally taken over as chairman, his influence can be seen in the selection of the World Cup lineup and the sudden resignation of head coach Mies Bahak and bowling coach Vakal Younis.

Ramiz is expected to announce some policy decisions on Pakistan’s cricket organization, selection committee system and other important issues.

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