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Ramiz Raja, Chairman of the Board of Directors, said that “Western Group” disappointed Pakistan

The Chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Committee (PCB) Ramiz Raja said that Pakistan is disappointed by the “Western Group” and the back-to-back withdrawal of New Zealand and England may have a “domino effect” on cricket in this South Asian country. .

On Monday, England cancelled the men’s and women’s team tour against Pakistan next month on the grounds of the players’ “physical and mental health.”

After the New Zealand government issued a security alert, a few minutes before the opening of Rawalpindi on Friday, New Zealand suddenly abandoned the tour.

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“I am very disappointed with England’s withdrawal, but this is expected because this western group unfortunately unites and tries to support each other,” Raja, who took over as the head of PCB earlier this month, said in a video shared by PCB. .

“You can make any decision based on security threats and perceptions. But it is a lesson for us. When they visit, we will do our best to accommodate and care for these aspects… From now on, we will only This is in our interest.”

The former Pakistan captain said that his country has a sense of anger due to New Zealand’s refusal to share the exact threat, which requires steps that have a profound impact on the host.

“It may have a domino effect. It may affect the tour of the West Indies, and Australia is already reconsidering the tour next year,” Raja said.

“England, Australia, New Zealand-they are part of a group. Who can we complain to? We think they are ours, but they have not accepted that we are theirs.”

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According to media reports, after the two withdrawals, PCB’s losses may be between US$1.5-25 million, but Raja said he has decided to claim compensation from the New Zealand Cricket Team.

He said that Pakistan could have hosted Zimbabwe and a second-tier Bangladesh team to fill the vacancy, but PCB would not resort to this kind of “despair.”

The 59-year-old said that if PCB had greater financial influence, Pakistan would be better treated.

“We must improve and expand our cricket economy so that these countries are still interested in playing with us,” he said.

“They come to the Pakistan Premier League, where they will not be panicked or tired, but in general, they have a different mentality towards Pakistan,” he added.

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