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Quotes about Johnson, Fleury, Esposito, etc.

Welcome to the second part of the series, which includes quotes and comments about everything about the Chicago Blackhawks by players, coaches, management, reporters, and fans. The purpose of this ongoing column is to capture a portion of the existing prospects, attitudes and culture surrounding the team throughout the 2021-22 season. Please join me, because we enjoy the charming side of human nature every day; the power of words. Today, let’s discuss some quotes from the Blackhawks’ free agency boom.

Johnson is a worthy teammate

On July 27, the free agency period began on the second day, and the Blackhawks Late night action get Taylor Johnson From Tampa Bay LightningThe 31-year-old center has played for the Chargers throughout his 9-year career and has recently won consecutive victories Stanley Cup With the team.

The Chicago Blackhawks acquired Taylor Johnson from the Tampa Bay Chargers in July 2021.Amy Owen / Hockey writer)

But last season was not the best for Johnson. He was almost a victim of the salary cap because Lightning told him they were interested in canceling his $5 million salary cap. So he gave up his suspension clause, but no other team was willing to trade. He was subsequently exempted twice and was scratched during the flag-raising ceremony celebrating the opening night of the 2019-20 Cup.

Not surprisingly, Johnson’s role has been diminishing throughout the 2020-21 regular season. But he never complained or caused any commotion on the surface of the locker room. Although an impressive campaign led to more criticism of his position on the team, he just continued his career.

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Ah, but Johnson’s veteran experience and leadership skills were shown in the playoffs.His most notable contribution was in the third match of the cup final Montreal Canadiens. Lightning head coach after the game Jon Cooper There are some A warm compliment to Johnson, Which is far beyond his double statistics,

As the team changes and develops, the salary cap (starts to work)…The players are on the rise. But there is one thing we never lose faith: Taylor Johnson. He never lost faith in himself. The role has changed, you have to adapt, no one can do better than Tyler… I am happy for someone, I know his teammates got it for his performance tonight and for everything he has experienced Reward…I’m very happy for the victory; I might be a little happy for Taylor Johnson.

This sounds like the kind of person you want on the team! Johnson had to adapt and play a smaller role in the stacked Chargers. But I believe he looks forward to playing a bigger role in a restructured team like the Blackhawks. Did I further mention that Johnson has 49.5% of professional face-offs and 54.8% of points in the 2020-21 season? ! Let’s quote one more sentence about the latest Blackhawks center,

Stan Bowman said that Jonathan Toews, Kirby Dach and Tyler Johnson provided a “really solid foundation” for the Blackhawks center.

The team definitely lacked depth in the middle of last season, so the addition of Johnson is something that all Blackhawks fans will be excited about.

Add another American in McCabe

The beginning of the free agency period on July 28 brought the Blackhawks acquisition of guards Jack McCabe From Buffalo SabreMcCabe was born and raised in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, and his wife is from Donners Grove, Illinois. The couple have a home in nearby Lakeview, and the 27-year-old has trained in Chicago for the past five offseasons.Just like him Tell the insider of the Blackhawks Carterbaum, Signing a contract with Chicago is “a dream come true”, he “secretly hopes that this can be realized for a long time.”

Jack McCabe Buffalo Sabre
Jake McCabe, a newly acquired defensive player for the Chicago Blackhawks, has played for the Buffalo Sabres and has many connections with Chicago. (Amy Owen / Hockey writer)

But not only is McCabe’s relationship with Chicago an advantage, but he also has connections with some of the other Blackhawks’ American-born defensive players.

I’m pretty sure that every American team I’ve been fortunate enough to play in, Murphy (Connor Murphy) has been playing for this team since we were 15 years old, maybe 16 years old. We went back in time, knew each other well and passed the national development plan together. Jones (Seth Jones) is also there, one year younger than us, but I have played for many teams with him.

McCabe is considered a difficult defensive player.He can easily deploy with his partner Connor Murphy On the new shutdown pairing. He should be a good addition to the team.

At the same time, the American team of the Blackhawks continued to grow. McCabe joined Patrick Kane, Alex Deblinkart, Ryan Carpenter, Adam Goldt, Mike Hardman, Seth Jones, Caleb Jones, Alec Regula, Johnson, Murphy and goalkeeper Collin Delia were born in the United States. There are 12 players in total. To the United States!

Fleury is here!

Blackhawks Offseason goalkeeper acquisition It may be the last piece of the puzzle, which can bring a very successful season for the Blackhawks.Bowman’s bold deal 2021 Vezina trophy recipient Marc-Andre Fleury From Vegas Golden Knights July 27.

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But then we learned that Fleury was weighing his options. He is not sure if he wants to uproot his family into a brand new city.Well, we all know that now he has decided used to be It is worth going to Chicago. I’m sure this sentence is music to all Blackhawks fans,

in a Press conference next week, The 36-year-old network administrator said that he had talked with former Blackhawks Cam Ward, Chris Kunitz and Robin Lehner about the organization. “I have always heard a lot of good news about the team and how they treat the players and their families.”

So you have it. Despite the recent sexual assault controversy surrounding the Blackhawks and their declining status as a playoff team, Chicago still seems to be a popular destination for players. But in order to address their declining status, Fleury further elaborated,

“I think Stan also did a good job, got some players in the summer and tried to make this team competitive. It’s also very attractive.”

Let us hope that Stan is doing well and this team will be very competitive next season. Of course, with the extra help of Fleury.

Tribute to Esposito

Unfortunately, we ended with a sad note. On August 10, the longtime ambassador and former goalkeeper of the Blackhawks Tony Esposito Died from pancreatic cancer at the age of 78. Blackhawks fans will always remember Tony O, who set multiple records in Blackhawks and NHL.

Tony Esposito
Goalkeeper Tony Esposito is the legendary player and ambassador of the Chicago Blackhawks. (Photo by Steve Babineau/NHLI via Getty Images)

But more importantly, he seems to be a very special person. People paid tribute to how Esposito spared no effort to interact with players, fans, and anyone else in the industry he came into contact with. They don’t come like this anymore.

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In the family statement about his death, they talked about what Esposito was to his family, the Blackhawks and fans.

A statement from the Esposito family: Tony’s wife Marilyn, sons Mark and Jason, Mark’s wife Kim and their children Lauren and Camlin. #Tonio

In this difficult time, God bless Tony O and his family.

As the offseason progresses and our training camp approaches September, please stay tuned for more Blackhawks Bytes. In the meantime, please keep it at The Hockey Writers for all the latest news and updates.

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