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Prospect Camp, Kaprizov, etc.

In this issue Minnesota Wild News & Rumors, we are about to start training camp and NHL season, but first, the team is holding a prospective training camp with some games. If you are interested in the development camp, then you should follow some players.However, the most important item on the agenda is still Kirill Kaprizov Negotiate the contract with him. How is the negotiation going, is there any optimism?

Prospect camp begins

Even without the dry, dad-like humor, this is true. The prospect camp has begun, which means that we are getting closer and closer to watching NHL hockey. The Wild is being held Tom Kurvers prospect display These included three practice sessions and two games against the Chicago Blackhawks in the Central Division. There will be a lot of reports in this short period of time, but most people will pay attention to the players. There are many good options to choose from, but the main ones are Marco Rossi, Matthew Boldy and Calen Addison.

A generation Recent controversy The wild team needs to promote Rossi to the NHL full-time. In essence, he is an otherworldly organizer with an incredible ability to move the ball in the offensive zone and maintain possession in a small area, especially when a strange person sprints.He had terrible health problems last season Coronavirus incident; However, now that he is completely healthy, the Wild coaching staff should not hesitate to include him in the lineup. At this point in his development, all I care about is that he has playing time. He has proven that he is better than most players of his age, if not all.

Marco Rossi, Austrian team, 2021 IIHF World Junior Championships (Photo: Codie McLachlan/Getty Images)

Boldy is another exciting prospect, but for different reasons than Rossi. The 12th overall pick in 2019 last season, scored 31 points in 22 games at Boston College and entered the American Hockey League (AHL), where he scored more than every scoring rate in 14 games. 18 points.He is also an integral part of the organization U.S. World Youth Championship Team, Again, he scored seven points in seven games.

Boldy will not kill you at his speed, but his deception and ability to create opportunities with hockey makes him deadly on ice at all times. His right circle shot in a powerful offense makes him an asset for any special team, and his vision is closely related to it. Speaking of hands, this is another of his strengths. According to his movie, his cue handling is among the best in the 2019 draft class, and he can easily pretend to be a goalkeeper. He will have to win a place on the roster, but if he has a chance, the team will get better.

Matthew Bordi of the National Development Program
Matthew Bordi of the U.S. National Development Program (Hickling Images)

Addison is one of the most underrated potential customers, but after you read this article, you won’t still rely on him. He was selected by the Pittsburgh Penguins with the 53rd overall pick in the 2018 NHL Draft, but soon moved to the wild with Alex Galceniuk in the Jason Zack trade. In the 2019-20 Western Hockey League (WHL) Lethbridge Hurricanes, he scored 52 points in 50 games and then 22 points in 31 AHL games.

Oh, did I mention that he is a defensive player? Addison’s defense has some flaws, but his offense is why he is so highly touted among scouts. He is a moving blue line and can work smoothly in the offensive zone. He is less likely to be on the list this season than Rossi and Bordi, because there are fewer defensive vacancies. However, it is still possible.

These three are players who watched and tracked during the show game. They have the highest potential and the highest probability of entering the roster. They are also fun and always have a sweet taste for the future.

Kaprizov’s contract status

All the topics this offseason are about restricted free agent contracts.Andrei Svechnikov of Carolina Hurricanes Got his bag When he signed an eight-year agreement, the average annual value was as high as 7.75 million U.S. dollars (AAV). We even saw the first successful signing since Dustin Penner in 2007.However, some people will argue that the best players are not yet signed, first of all Elias Paterson. Contract negotiations between Peterson and the Vancouver Canucks have slowed down.

The same is true for Kaprizov. In most cases, the negotiations have been quiet, which does not mean any benefit. The only good news is that his chances of returning to Russia are slim. Of course, most people expected it, because the NHL can pay him more money to play in a better league. But there are still people who speculate that this is an option.

The most important news comes from Sports meetingMichael Russo pointed out that even if Kaprizov signs a contract in the next few days, he will not attend the training camp on time.

#mnwild The player will officially report to the training camp next Wednesday. The training on ice will start a week from today. Even if Kirill Kaprizov signs at this time, he will not, at least, due to work visa obligations and 7 days isolation.

Although there are obvious differences, it reminds me of William Nyland situation With the Toronto Maple Leafs. Nilande holds the record for the longest contract in the salary cap era. Although there have been rumors about AAV for some time, management and Kaprizov’s camp do not seem to get closer. For both parties, it is only a matter of time before the negotiations become serious. At this point, it is a chicken game.

New Play-by Play announcer

On September 16, the Wild Public Relations team announced that Joe O’Donnell will convene most of the games in the 2021-22 season. Bob Kurtz will work part-time.

Named today #mnwild @WildJoeRadio Broadcast announcer.He will be in most games this season @KFAN1003. Bob Kurtz will call the selected # home games. Tom Reid (analyst) and @RadioFalness (Executive Producer/Studio Host) will continue in his current role.

Kurtz is 74 years old and his broadcasting career is coming to an end, so it’s time to train and teach some new blood on the booth. Entering O’Donnell, he spent more than a decade announcing minor games for Wild.He always came second, but he never had a chance to shine because Kurtz’s incredible record And lifelong career. He has been to NHL competitions several times and has won praise. However, they are not frequent enough. As they said, in the end, hard work pays off.

TV broadcast announcement

In terms of broadcast television, the 2021-22 schedule for ESPN, TNT and many other platforms that cooperate with the NHL has ended. Minnesota people will be happy to learn that the Wild has the most nationally televised games this season (tied with 10 other teams), with 13 games in total.

The number of US national TV games this season (ABC, ESPN, TNT, Hulu/ESPN+ only)-BOS, CHI, COL, LAK, MIN, NYR, PHI, PIT, SEA, STL, TBL, WSH most 13-CGY, OTT, WPG is zero (0) All off-site games will be streamed on ESPN+ via local TV broadcast

If Minnesota was not a huge ice hockey market, it would not be called the “hockey state.” It shouldn’t surprise anyone to see them broadcast so many games across the country, but if Wild performs poorly, fans of teams that won’t broadcast them across the country may be angry. Either way, you will see Green Boys on important networks this season, including outdoor games. Get excited, wild fan.

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