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Predators’ Forsberg & Josi Chasing Down franchise record

A player by Nashville Predators In the second round of the 2008 NHL draft, the other was acquired through a trade shortly after the Washington Capitals were selected in the 2012 draft. Roman Josie and Philip Forsberg There may be different ways to join the team, but one thing they have in common is their importance and dedication to the club. Since Josie has played more than 700 games this season, and Forsberg has played more than 500 games, they are aiming for some very important milestones-the team’s goals, assists and points leaderboards.

Former Predator and long-serving captain David Legwand (David Legwand) has maintained all three statistical categories so far. Although he did not complete his career in Nashville, his 14 seasons in the team allowed him to accumulate 210 goals and 356 assists, and scored 566 points in gold, navy and white. Martin Erat, who participated in the aforementioned Forsberg transaction, still ranked second in terms of franchise points, while names such as Shea Weber, Craig Smith, Viktor Arvidsson and Kimmo Timonen appeared on the goals and assists charts.

How likely is it that one or two people will reach the top? This may come this season or next season, depending on the contract situation and the overall health of the players on both sides.

Filip Forsberg-Swede who scored

In April 2013, the Capitals are seeking to push them to the playoffs for the sixth consecutive time. In the past five seasons before the 2012-13 season, they ranked first in the division in four seasons and second in another season, but they never passed the second round.When they came to the top again that season, the management felt they needed some extra firepower, so they decided Send the recently drafted Forsberg To Nashville for Eilat and minor league Michael Rata. At the time, the deal was seen as a serious imbalance in favor of Nashville, making them a highly regarded prospect with first-line potential. Nearly 10 years later, Forsberg achieved this goal, and Eilat and Lata have both withdrawn from the NHL for multiple seasons.

Philip Forsberg (Andy Martin Jr.)

It wasn’t until the 2014-15 season that Forsberg became a regular visitor to the NHL, but the additional training with the Milwaukee Admiral (the Predators’ American Hockey League (AHL) affiliate) brought dividends to the players and the team. At the age of 20, Forsberg had amazing numbers in the entire 82 games, scoring 26 goals, 37 assists and scoring 63 points.His efforts won him NHL All-Star Game appearance, He was also selected to the All-Rookie Team. For the next five seasons, Forsberg scored no less than 20 goals each season, and scored 64 points in two of those seasons.

This season, after returning from injury at the end of November, Forsberg has averaged around 1 point per game. He scored 16 points in 17 games this season and averaged 0.94 points per game, which is equivalent to 77 points in an 82-game season. What is impressive is that he has only 4 points from strong teams this season, and the rest are 5 vs. 5. A potentially unsustainable data line is his 21.2% shooting percentage, which is understandable. His 11 goals this season have only 52 shots, so far he has averaged 3.1 shots per game, so considering that almost every five shots have one shot, it may not last the entire season.

Nevertheless, this season’s performance has allowed Forsberg to score 32 fewer goals than Lewand’s career goals in Nashville. At this rate, Forsberg will score 43 goals throughout the year, surpassing his personal best 33 goals set in the 2015-16 season. If that happens, he will become the best shooter in the history of the Nashville team. Considering that compared with Legwand’s 956 games, this will only take Forsberg to complete in less than 600 games, which will be a major feat. One thing that remains uncertain is his contract status after the end of the season. Forsberg will become an unrestricted free agent, and his current value is $6 million. If general manager David Boyle can attract the Swedish striker to return, it will be a guarantee for Forsberg to become the team’s leader in scoring.

Roman Josie-Nashville’s greatest player?

In a perfect world, Josie completed this season and the next six seasons as a member of the Predator. If Nashville can maintain the status of a contender during that tenure, it is almost guaranteed that he will become the historical leader in last games, assists and scoring. The Swiss-born defender has been a contributing factor and game changer for the club for 11 seasons, and at the age of 31, he showed no signs of laxity. In fact, compared to the previous season, this season may be bigger and better for Josie.

Roman Josie
The bench congratulated Nashville Predators guard Roman Josie. (AP Photo/Mark Humphrey)

So far, Josi is currently 250 games short of Legwand and his 956 games. To surpass him, you first need to be healthy and continue to fulfill the current contract. His salary per season is slightly more than 9 million US dollars. If all the stars are the same, Josie will become the player with the most appearances for Nashville in the 2024-25 season.

This season, averaging 25 minutes and 06 seconds per game on ice, Josie also puts himself in a good position to become their scoring and assists king, and at the same time challenged Forsberg’s position as the scoring leader in history. His 2021-22 season started with a vigorous start, scoring 25 points in 26 games and scoring 8 points from last season in 22 fewer games, tying his total number of goals. Since Josie averaged 0.92 points per game, his strong start allowed him to participate in the early discussions of the Norris Trophy. This will end his second-best offensive season, just below his 0.94 speed two seasons ago-he captured his first Norris that year.

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In his career, he has 345 assists, which makes Josie’s 12 assists worse than Lewand and his 356 assists. Having played 250 fewer games and is still a defensive player, this achievement has not been ignored by the team and fans. It is only a matter of time before he won the top of the assists list, and the total score will come soon. It may not be this season, or it may not be next season, unless there is a major offensive outbreak, but Josie is only 96 points away from reaching that position and consolidating his legacy as the greatest Nashville Predator ever.

At any time, the refreshing prospect of these situations is that Forsberg is only 27 years old and Josie is only 31 years old. Their career is far from over. The many seasons left for them not only surpassed Lewand’s brilliant career, but also opened up the huge gap between them and the future of this organization. We may never see a forward like Forsberg or a defender like Josie in Nashville again. Their careers will become part of the decades-old history of Predators and may not be realized in the end. If it can be paired with the offline Stanley Cup parade, their figures can one day sit on the rafters with that famous banner.

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