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Postponement or cancellation during the T20 World Cup is the prerogative of ICC-Geoff Allardice

The Acting Chief Executive Officer of the International Criminal Court, Geoff Allardice, said on Sunday that the International Criminal Court is prepared to respond to the possible outbreak of COVID-19 and is committed to ensuring the safe and complete hosting of the T20 World Cup during the pandemic.

The T20 World Cup will be the first global ICC major event to be held since the pandemic. Aladis said at a media conference on Sunday that in the past year and a half, the championship and bilateral rubber have been affected by COVID-19 cases, and the International Criminal Court is aware that infections may occur during the game.

“Like most international sporting events in the world, you may get a positive case during the event,” Aladis said.

“I think we are in a situation where all of our participants, including the team, referees, people participating in the game and entering the bubble, are vaccinated, thereby reducing the risk of serious illness. There is no doubt.

“As far as the way of managing close contacts is concerned, we have been studying and contacting some major international sporting events to understand their operations in recent months. The management of these issues has continued to evolve over the past 12 months. The location reflects the best practices for holding global events at this time,” Aladis explained.

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DRS will participate in the men’s T20 World Cup

In August, after a support staff tested positive for the coronavirus, the Indian team withdrew from the final test of the five-match series against England to prevent an outbreak in the game. Aladis clarified that after a COVID-19 case occurred during the competition, any decision regarding the entry will be made by the International Criminal Court, not by the member committee.

“We are very clear in our communication with the members. We have a committee responsible for reviewing any cases that occurred during the event. They will focus on identifying close contacts and making decisions on future events, but any decisions about the competition will be made by the committee. Out. And this will not be handled by members like bilateral cricket,” Aladis said.

DRS use

The T20 World Cup will use the decision-making review system for the first time. Since 2017, DRS has been regularly used in major ICC tournaments.

“We will continue to maintain the conditions of the T20 international competition in the past 12 months, that is, each team will be reviewed twice,” he said.

Aladis revealed that the decision to transfer the game from India was to ensure that it has a better chance of not being disturbed by the pandemic.

“India is the host of ICC events, and the recent men’s T20 World Cup (2016) held there was very good. Therefore, the decision to move the event from India was not light.

“Trying to find a place where we minimize the risk of staging: One thing about the UAE is that the team will mainly stay in the same hotel. They will take a bus to the venue and the flight movements will be small, with only two balls from Oman. The team came to Super 12. The hotel and venue have experience in running cricket in a biosafe manner, and two versions of IPL were staged here during COVID,” he said.

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Andy Flower appoints Afghanistan team consultant for T20 World Cup

Among the participating teams, Afghanistan will participate in the T20 World Cup as an official member of the ICC for the first time.

Aladis said that the recent regime change in Afghanistan may have some impact there, but will not immediately reassess its impact on cricket and the response of the International Criminal Court.

“When the Afghan regime changed in August, we had been in regular contact with the Afghan Cricket Committee. Our main passion was to support the development of cricket in the country through the membership committee. We have been saying that we are waiting to see the difference in that country. How things will develop under the regime. We will do this through the Cricket Committee. The ICC Board of Directors will consider it at the next meeting, which looks like it is at the end of the T20 World Cup.

“They are full members of the ICC, and their team is currently preparing for this event. As far as their participation in the event is concerned, everything is proceeding normally.”

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