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Poor performance in World Cup qualifiers, Uruguay fired coach Tabarez​​

Uruguay coach Oscar Tabarez (Oscar Tabarez) was fired on Friday because of the team’s poor performance in the World Cup qualifiers.

Uruguay ranks seventh in the South American qualifier group consisting of 10 teams. They still have four games to participate in next year’s World Cup in Qatar.

The 74-year-old Tabarez spent 15 years in charge of Uruguay for the second time, including in the past three World Cups. He led the Uruguay team to fourth place in the 2010 South African Championship. He also won the 2011 Copa America.

Tabares also coached Uruguay from 1988-90.


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The Uruguayan Football Association said in a statement that the dismissal of Tabarez and his staff is “in light of the current situation, this is a difficult decision, this is a promise for the future, but also to achieve the results we all want. “

The statement added: “We respect and recognize (his) professionalism and dedication in such a long process.”

Tabarez has stated that he did not “give up” after losing 3-0 to Bolivia on Tuesday.

“I am a professional player, I signed a contract, it explains everything I need to do,” the senior coach said at the time. “I don’t know who can ask me to do this (resign) after this period of work.”

The Uruguayan Football Association has not yet announced Tabarez as a substitute.

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