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PCB contacted SLC, BCB, but there is no serial possibility at present-CEO Wasim Khan

The Pakistan Cricket Committee (PCB) contacted Sri Lanka and Bangladesh to conduct a short-term series in Pakistan to compensate for the cancellation of the New Zealand Tour, but the series could not be planned due to the prior commitment of the players of the two countries.

PCB CEO Wasim Khan said that Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) and Bangladesh Cricket Committee (BCB) have expressed their willingness to play in Pakistan, but these committees have little time to send teams.

“Our chairman talked to them and discussed the possibility of short trips. They were very happy to accept it, but they pointed out that it is difficult for them to change the plans that have been determined, and some of their players have also been dispersed,” he said.

“They have shown a strong will, but due to the short time, it is impossible for them to tour according to the previous World Cup plan,” he said.

new Zealand Abandoned the trip to Pakistan On Friday, a few hours before the first international day trip in Rawalpindi, he cited security threats.

New Zealanders arrived in Dubai after leaving Islamabad on a chartered flight.

‘A real problem’

Wasim Khan also ruled out any possibility of boycotting New Zealand’s T20 World Cup, but made it clear that they believed that New Zealand had no respect for Pakistan and left scars by unilaterally abandoning the tour.

“If the perceived threat cannot be discussed at the government vs. government or intelligence level, and the team can unilaterally abandon the tour, we will have real problems in the world cricket game,” he said.

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He confirmed that Pakistan will deal with the inequality of world cricket at the level of the International Cricket Council. According to him, all member states must have a level playing field.

“Since this is a bilateral series, unless we go to the Dispute Resolution Committee, there is almost no hope of getting any compensation from New Zealand Cricket. What we can do is to ensure that such things do not happen again at the ICC board level. We will work with them. Have a full dialogue and discussion on the appropriate process for such situations,” he said.

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